Saturday, July 06, 2002

It's a good question, one that I don't have any answers for. Whatever it was, its dead now. Commendations need to be made for Dr. Creed's assistance in covering up medical examinations. The news will report (as will eyewitnesses) that there was a terrible fire. Beyond that, I just don't know. Sofia Larione, a Ventrue, assisted with ensuring that any victims that survived the ordea also had appropriate stories to tell, but its hard to say at this early stage what kinds of rumors will be spawned from this event. Mental coercion is not alway one hundred percent effective.

As for Dario, I do feel a little sorry for him, that he had his party crashed. Obviously a good deal of effort was put into the event, the acrobatic performer was someone of renown in the entertainment industry.

As for Maeve and Andre, a most unlikely pair. Maeve is Andre's protege' of sorts. A retainer for now, but I'm not sure what his plans are for her.

Also on a side note, Trog's behavior has been much improved since that little chat with Prince Filitov. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it continues to improve.

~ Marlo

((ooc stuff - if you don't have computer knowledge yet, missives sent via courier are fine, though I highly recommend buying the knowledge asap. In the meantime, Marlo will just keep archiving letters and missives))
Miss Chase... Marlo... What the hell happened? What on earth was that creature? And who the hell sent it our way? So many questions and so few answers.

The evening seemed to be going quite smoothly. It was obvious Dario Mazatti put an effort into this, and even though raves aren't entirely my thing, I thought he did a good job. May I add you as well seemed to be enjoying yourself quite a bit with Mr. Bassard's ghoul. I encountered some newly arrived Toreador whom I took with me to the rave, just to give her a heads up on whos who and whatnot. Turns out she's more arrogant than the Queen Mother herself. Hell, she seemed to be disapproving of -me- and just about every thing -I- did to give her a headstart. Go figure... kinda lost her for a bit, found Maeve and Bassard instead, and was having fun until... well, carnage came upon us.

Even now, hours later, Im still trembling all over. I need a few days to sort myself out, both psychologically as physically... those burn marks really do take some time to heal. Overcoming the shock might take a while longer yet. Im glad you're still in one peace Marlo... and hope to speak to you again soon. If you need me, for anything, just give me a shout.

Stay strong,

Friday, July 05, 2002

((delivered to Marlo in writing, by a courier))

Miss Chase,

I promised to put some of my effort into the problems between my own Clan, the Toreador and Mr. Scopullus clan, the Nosferatu, after having discussed the growing tension earlier. There are a few things we addressed specifically, but before making harsh judgements over the ones involved, I wished to look into it a bit further, to avoid escalation of the problem... not only because Miss Duchesne fails to make any effort in protecting her Clan and it's relation to other Clans whatsoever....

These are the issues I felt needed addressing:

- The boon problem between Mr. Delacroix and Mr. Scopullus
- Mr. Scopullus' breach of protocol, towards Primogen Duchesne
- Trog's behaviour
- The Noseratu's blackmailing tactics

As I may have mentioned before, my dealings with Scopullus have always been fairly pleasant and easygoing... I have never had any problems in dealing with him. As you insinuated before, it feels like Mr. Smith, the Nosferatu Primogen is not, in fact, the person pulling the Nosferatu's strings. In fact, I have a fairly strong suspicion it is indeed Mr. Scopullus himself. Given all this and our previous, pleasant dealings... I decided to just approach him directly, to discuss the point above. I also invited Mr. Delacroix, since he seemed to be playing a trivial part in all this.

- The problem regarding the boons seems exceedingly complicated and I sincerely hope I manage to bring it across clearly... Im not even sure I have the full picture as of yet. After a lot of conversation and both Mr. Scopullus as Mr. Delacroix relentlessly attacking eachother upto a point where even my patience (which goes a long way) found it's limits tested... Anyway. The way it seems is that Ricard Delacroix owed Mr. Scopullus of the Nosferatu 3 boons. One for asking the Nosferatu not to release some evidence which Scopullus called a Masquerade Breach. Second, for asking Mr. Scopullus to find out some information on the Giovanni for him. A third one, I accounted him with, since he made promises on miss Duchesne's behalf he could impossibly make; Mr. Scopullus asked for a boon from both Mr. Delacroix as well as miss Duchesne in exchange for the information. Mr. Delacroix contacted Ms. Duchesne, who said she'd get back at him... which she didn't (she does seem to have a habit of that, doesn't she?). When Mr. Delacroix found out Ms. Duchesne's life may be in danger he told Mr. Scopullus to go ahead with the investigation, on aforementioned conditions, knowing full well he could not make these promises, without Ms. Duchesne's agreement. The agreement was to be sealed upon delivery of the information. Mr. Scopullus did, indeed, deliver, but apparently miss Duchesne had already found the informatin out by herself. However, that hardly negates the deal... The Nosferatu had no way of knowing miss Duchesne had found out the information all by herself, and therefor, I can understand why the Noferatu felt more than a little slighted at Mr. Delacroix trying to squeeze out of the arrangement... As I see it, he carries both his own boon and the one he promised on Ms.Duchesne's behalf on his own shoulders, as the Nosferatu did indeed keep their end of the deal. This leaves Mr. Delacroix with 3 boons owed to Scopullus.

As the first agreement was broken, with a videotape shown to the Prince himself (Mr. Filitov himself dismissed the incident as harmless), it gets negated. Mr. Delacroix' payoff of $25,000 buys off anoter one, leaving him with one minor boon still in place. Both parties have agreed to this... so as far as Im concerned, the matter has been settled.

As a sidenote, this was also the main reason behind the Nosferatu's clan about Mr. Delacroix's assignment as Keeper.

- Mr. Scopullus breach of protocol towards Ms. Duchesne... I was neither witness of it, nor really heard the extent of it. I did point out to Mr. Scopullus, however, that while he may run his Clan behind the scenes, his decision to stay in the shadows is the reason his public status simply wont match that of the Primogen. Therefore, his behaviour was simply unacceptable. He did agree on this without second thought and said he would accept any results that came from it, which I appreciate. He realises the mistake he made, didnt argue about it, and recognises and accepts the workings of status and the harpies... Because of this, I told him I would make an effort to maintain his status intact... but I am still curious to see if he has the grace to apologise to miss Duchesne in person.

- Trog's behaviour. Scopullus said little about him, but that Trog holds some sort of martyr status within his Clan. They can't control him, neither can Scop... so he's quite simply, as far as I can see it, running wild. He felt Trog was provoked in the incident that occurred in the old Elysium between Trog and myself, but I simply disagree.

- As for the blackmail tactics... I mentioned to Mr. Scopullus blackmail tactics will be frowned upon... However, like the videoing, Im not sure if I really have a clear point of view on this one. After all, as long as everyone makes sure there is nothing to be blackmailed with it simply won't be a problem... and I do think that's kind of the situation we're trying to achieve. If people find themselves in situations where they are being blackmailed, well... then Im not sure if I'd be worried about the Nosferatu taking opportunity of it. Im sure you get my drift...

Anyway, Im afraid this whole tedious situation and listening to all of it has me awfully wary, so I apogise if this letter comes across very short and formal...

There's one thing I feel I should mention, which has also played upon the tension between my own Clan and the Nosferatu... Apparently Michael Dumont, a Toreador, felt the need to insult the Nosferatu Primogen in French... unknowing all of the Nosferatu (according to Mr. Scopullus) master this language... Needless to say they, in turn, were insulted over this. You should know Mr. Dumont holds some status or other within my clan, so it is rather hard for me to address it directly with him. Perhaps it's something you could mention instead, since it most definitely did not help things.. and it too, was a breach of protocol, despite Mr. Dumont's standing within my clan; He was still speaking to a Primogen, puppet or not.

Hopefully, we'll speak again soon.

With kind regards,

Thursday, July 04, 2002

Some old news

The opening night of Elysium was fairly chaotic. The evening and opening could have been salvaged probably, except for the hostess: Miss Duchesne disappeared early in the night, shortly after the security alarms in the gallery went off. There was discussion between her and scopullus,perhaps to clarify any loose ends regarding the masquerade breech and the outstanding boon. I believe, but I'mnot sure with all the other chaos, that she did in fact speak to one of the nosferatu privately. Ricard, the Keeper protemps left shortly thereafter. I am still uncertain how the gallery is accessible by Kindred in the city and what the protocols are there. Ricard is only marginally recognized as Keeper as he has not gotten official recognition by the Prince. Also this boon business may earn Ricard an additional slap on the wrist.

After Ricard and Mel jumped ship, Kennis managed to do a fair job of hosting the party. And it was her art work on display. I'm no art critic, so I'll leave that to someone ,more qualified.

Scoppulus: definitely failed to respect Mel's status during the argument that occured in the upstairs of trainwreck, perhaps he still felt that he had some standing because he was the former primogen of the nosferatu. Sam Smith (the real primogen) did arrive to the scene later in an attempt to smooth things over. I was "reprimanded" by him for speaking so to such an esteemed member of the nosferatu - Scopullus. Funny that. Scopullus is allowed to argue and browbeat a primogen and Mr Smith felt I needed to be reminded of proper behavior. I should hope that Mr Smith would address scopullus' attitude, considering that if his brood is allowed to speak so to primogen, then its open season on him. Not that I would stoop to such antics. (haha)

In other news, something that seems to have been put on the backburner, the Brujah may still be miffed over this Dominique, Rozella thing. The Brujah are claiming that Dominique "tricked" the young brujah into an illicit blood bond. Last I heard, Jayson Rilux was supposed to speak to Elena Hawkley regarding reparations and damages, but I don't know what ever came of that. I suspsect some of the more upstart brujah may take matters into their own hands unless some kind of official action is taken. I have no idea whether the bond was mutual or not. Dominique is a self declared Anarch, and does not necessarily fall under the auspices of the primogen or us.

New News

A Setite appeared on my doorstep. Adam Fleming or somesuch, the man has the most unfortunate speech impediment, he drags out his s's like the snake from "Jungle Book". Enough said. At any rate, Mr. Sevaral refused to acknowledge him, he has no rights and benefits under camarilla law.

Mel Duchesne has not resurfaced since the grand opening of her gallery/elysium.

Adrienne Widow was introduced as Primogen Widow by Prince Filitov (it was news to me at the time)

Trog is looking for deputies, he warned me that he didn't want his deputies to be harassed by us. How unfair, I never harass people unless they deserve it. I did casually suggest to Chris Pratt, nice young brujah man that maybe he would be suited for a deputy position. He seems to have a cool head on his shoulders, for a brujah.

And other points of interest...

Boons owed: Marlo Chase owes minor boon to Chris Pratt; Ricard dela Croix owes minor boon to Scopullus

Acknowledged domains: Marlo Chase has 4 square block area at the corner of market and memorial drive. (Starbucks and Stanton Tower area)
A summary of the meeting of July 3rd

Present: Prince Arkady Filitov, Marlo Chase, Cecily Gainesborough, and Vincent Creed

Prince Filitov expressed that he wished for the harpies to monitor specifically such behaviors that breached chain of command and etiquette, presumably to head off problems between people before it resorted to violence. He also stressed that the harpies should do more good than harm. Certainly its a lofty goal, I expect some trouble at least in the beginning, certainly the tactics used by the average harpy can result in some harsh feelings. I think its important that we remember that rewarding good behavior can be just as effective if not more effective than the negative reinforcement.

Also, it was brought up that boons should be monitored and acknowledged through us. This will avoid problems such as we have already witnessed between the toreador and the nosferatu and boon issues. I believe Mr. Hunt can give us the details on the outcome of that little investigation.

Lastly, computer training was discussed as this medium will be the most efficient way to communicate. I'll post more on the observations of the new elysium's grand opening. Some interesting things there.