Saturday, July 13, 2002

I have met with a young Brujah named Jordan today. He claims he is under the protection of the exwhip of the brujah Wilhem. I find it odd that Wilhem has yet to introduce Jordan to Prince Filitov. He seems to be neglecting his duties to a newly arrived.

For the second time Wilhem has somehow seen to it that Jordan finds something he must do with the family in the city instead of meeting the Prince or any of the other duties he must do before becoming involved in the locals. I am beginning to wonder about this former whip.

I have discovered that a young Kindred by the name of Roz is bound to Dominque. For some reason it seems the brujah clan as a whole, as I understand it, has decided that Dominque must be bound to Roz to equal this out. Somehow this seems wholy odd to me

Cecily Gainesborough
Cecily does have a point. I'm not sure its wise to make boons transferrable to the Prince. Considering that its his duty and sole responsibility to manage Kindred and call for deaths. It would hamper him a lot if he had to start considering who was owed what.

And speaking of deaths, I do have regrettable news. Dario Mazzatti was killed last night. The perpetrator was a Caitiff named Daniel, who I'd spoken to (with Dario) upstairs in the trainwreck. He was fairly hostile and came equipped with an arsenol of weaponry. Dario chose to try to teach the man about the Traditions and help him integrate into Camarilla society, in exchange for a major boon. At the time, the Caitiff seemed foolish and overconfident, but not particularly dangerous. Unfortunately, it was the wrong assessment, Dario escorted him from the trainwreck and was killed for his troubles.

Trog removed the Caitiff in short order.

~Marlo Chase if the ghoul problems weren't bad enough, I must add another chapter to the St Louis Ghoul Chronicles, that's if I can stop laughing long enough to type it.

ahem...okay..its not funny, because it is my ghoul that's involved in this one, or at least one of my many "pseudo-ghouls". No, no.... it is really funny..... so anyway.....Dario comes to me with a complaint about Bukowski, since I'm the psuedo-domitor. Apparently Bukowski has been picking on him, stealing his blood, that sort of thing. When Dario told me this, I don't know what shocked me more...that bukowski would do that (okay, maybe that's not too shocking) or that Dario would admit to being victimized in such a way.

And I'm not trying to say that Bukowski was in the right there, its just very odd that a Brujah....well, you get the idea. When I finally found my voice to even respond to the claims, I think I finally got out that Dario could just shoot him. ...or fight back in some way.

I do plan to talk to bukowski about raping the brujah though, that's just not right..


A most interesting development with Merrique I must say. All this over ghouls. Seems a horrible waste. I have been wondering.... has anyone else noticed that Ms. Jentre seems to often be the center of much trouble in this city? This rather large ghoul issue, Sabbat attacks and other things are beginning to make me wonder. A woman to watch. She has much of her own agenda I think and will need some ego curbing from time to time. I do have to ask everyone however, who has she disrespected in the city? Such behavior must be shown to be comtemptible. Let it be known that Bolt owes a minor boon to Jon Roswald for information rendered on knowledge of someone named Raymond. This Raymond may have ransacked Bolt's appartment. I hesitate the granting of any life boons over a Prince. Though considering our laws, generally it would be transferred because he was the person who killed her. Is this smart in this case? I dont really know. The Princes word is law and as such he can simply nullify the boon though it would look bad on him. Cecily Gainesborough
A most interesting development with Merrique I must say. All this over ghouls. Seems a horrible waste.

I have been wondering.... has anyone else noticed that Ms. Jentre seems to often be the center of much trouble in this city? This rather large ghoul issue, Sabbat attacks and other things are beginning to make me wonder. A woman to watch. She has much of her own agenda I think and will need some ego curbing from time to time. I do have to ask everyone however, who has she disrespected in the city? Such behavior must be shown to be comtemptible.

Let it be known that Bolt owes a minor boon to Jon Roswald for information rendered on knowledge of someone named Raymond. This Raymond may have ransacked Bolt's appartment.

I hesitate the granting of any life boons over a Prince. Though considering our laws, generally it would be transferred because he was the person who killed her. Is this smart in this case? I dont really know. The Princes word is law and as such he can simply nullify the boon though it would look bad on him.

Cecily Gainesborough

Friday, July 12, 2002

I can't say I didn't see that coming with Merrique, though somewhat surprising that Prince Filitov was the one to do that job. I know that Ms Hawkley had all but excommunicated that girl over her outright defiance. She was not in great position after that point. Ms Hawkley would not lift a finger in her defense, that is for sure.

Dr. Creed, I'm sorry that you had to become involved in this whole sordid mess, I just hope now that we can all move on.

As for Kalista Edan, I'm fairly certain that she is still alive - somewhere. Bukowski still feels the tug of the bond. Speaking of which, I suspect we might see some policies on retainers coming up soon. Though it's irritating to think that we would have to get approval for creating ghouls, I'm really starting to feel that some people just shouldn't take on the responsibility. Not only that, with the Eva/Merrique ghoul issue, not knowing who's who's can make for some sticky political situations. Just in case you aren't aware, I have quite a few retainers under my employ, two of which are "adoptees", Bukowski and Faust. Maeve belongs to Andre Bassard, but sometimes I feel like I've kind of adopted her as well. Funny, I never really considered myself a humanitarian.

Question, since I'm not really sure how to address this one. Merrique's life boon to Saigor. In the event of death of the owing party the boon can be transferred to... but.... all considering that it was the Prince who did the deed, does it still apply?

Also, side note. Can't remember if i mentioned this already. Jayson is resigning as brujah primogen. I believe Bolt will be the next, after he works out his differences with Wilhem.

~Marlo Chase

The rivalry between Merrique and Eva ended tonight. Rather bloodly. I spoke with Merrique in an attempt to get her to grow up and for the most part convince her to not give up so easily. As such I adviced her to turn over her ghoul Mike to Eva. Since he attacked Eva it would be a good peace offering to hand him over for her to punish. Eva declined the gesture. Which lead to bickering on both their parts. How ... I do not know ... why ... I no longer care, it just happened. Like I was traped in some god awful soap opera. As Mikes fate was being decided he walks into the room. More bickering, followed by me offering to excute the errant ghoul and call it a night.

Didnt work out like that. Merrique decided that Arakdy should decide. Being as how him and Eva showed up at the same time and all .... ... .

At any rate Merrique declared that whatever fate befell Mike would befall her. Long story short .... drama drama drama .... did you know the prince can turn into a tiger ... drama drama drama ... 2 dead ghouls and one dead vampire. If I seemed annoyed it's probally because the event spoiled my night. And if I offend you Ms Chase in my bluntness with the matter than I appolgize ahead of time. I'm jsut tired and the nights affairs drug out later than I had wanted.

So to conclude. Merrique was killed by the prince. Her two ghouls were killed by the prince and Eva. I collected the ashes ... Arkady disposed of one body and I will be taking care of the records for the last

Dr Vincent Creed
While Ms Eva Jentre has the tounge for it she does not have the respect. She frequently dismisses those above her status. If she truely wished to become a harpy then her, like hte others need to learn to respect those above her in status and not off handly dismiss everyone because they are not Arkady. Or ... wraped around her finger ... Saigons ...

At any rate, is it possible that whatever has been responble for the recent attacks. The ones on Chris and Jayson and the one on Ulrich, could have also taken care of Ms Edan? Just an idea I suppose. But one that may be worth looking into.

Dr Vincent Creed

Thursday, July 11, 2002

Just a heads up, we may have sabbat back in the town. Chris Praitt and Mr Rilux were attacked last night outside the Train Wreck by a shadow. Chris suffered a bite from the creature and nothing seemed to phase it. After a few rounds the creature slithered up the side of the wreck. I recommend being careful around the building and in general around town.

And did you know we acutally have 3 malks. There is ofcourse Shawn Montgermy but there is also Izzy and Kai Barber.

Dr Vincent Creed
Wow. This is all so mindboggling. I truly hope Miss du Chatillon will at some point realize the error of her ways, and for lack of a better term, just grow up already. I think the boon transferring issue was handled well. Quite convenient and inventive of Mr. Saigons to propose that he owed Miss Jentre a life boon only to turn it around and replace it with Miss Du Chatillons boon, now he's saddled with an official Major Boon to Miss Jentre - I wonder if he was expecting that...

As for Miss Jentre, I could see her possibly as one of the elite (hah) harpies. She certainly has the acidic tongue required for such duties.

I should also mention that Dominique de Wildt, of Clan Ventrue who had months ago self-proclaimed himself an Anarch, is now wishing to reverse his philosophy and rejoin the rank and file of the Ivory Tower. I told him that being a member of the camarilla was easy - even anarchs are "members" but enjoying any kind of status within the Camarilla is a much harder feat to accomplish, especially for so-called former anarchs.

And finally, I did fail to mention the lupine attack that occurred Monday, so many other things to mention. I'd planned on posting that separately. The short of it is, Prince Filitov, Miss Du Chatillon, Maeve , and myself found ourselves on a deserted road about 2 miles from Miss Jentre's house (surely the makings of a teen slasher flick) when a giant dog-thing burst from the woods. Prince Filitov made short work of the beast, and suffered some minor injuries.

~Marlo Chase

what I propose is nothing short of a stern public caning. My list is rather long so I should get to work on it

Dr Vincent Creed
I suppose it can all get worse... Perfectly unsuspecting, I found myself upstairs in your establishment, miss Chase. One moment, I'm perfectly relaxed, listening to Dr. Creed discussing some Sabbat or Anarch activity... (I didn't quite catch the full extent of it) the next moment I have Saigor Saigons blowing up in my face, telling me to fuck off. Why, did I hit a nerve? It seems he rather loses all senses whenever anyone mentions miss De Chantillon in his presence. Perfectly inexcusable. Of course, he tried a half hearted apology, but I can't say the if-statement preceding it made it sound very sincere... Why do people insist on digging themelves holes they can't get out of?

Of course, this was only the start... While I'm having this conversation with Mr. Saigons and his lame attempt at trying to apologise, miss Jentre feels it the right moment to interrupt me and introduce to me a new Malkavian, Mr. Montgomery. What did she expect? Did she truly expect me to abandon a conversation, and the addressing of Mr. Saigons merely to lavish my attention upon her? I could almost sense her disapproval of my lagging response, while I wrapped things up with Mr. Saigons. Im asking you...

Is it just me, or does miss Jentre fancy herself as a bit of a harpy herself?

Anyway, Mr. Montgomery... an ambitious Malkavian, it seems... Seems an alright kind of chap. Since representation for his clan is lacking, he spoke to Mr. Sevaral himself, who, I think, acknowledged him into the city. Since Trog has a tendency to make big issues about him not knowing about new arrivals, I asked Mr. Saigons to make sure Trog is at least aware of Mr. Montgomery's presence within the city, before he takes it upon himself to stake the Malkavian just on principle

The saga continues... Miss Jentre and Mr. Saigons move off to speak amongst themselves about something... he sure seems to be following the woman around as a puppydog. Alas, they leave the centre stage, only to be replaced by miss De Chantillon. Now it gets interesting...

Mr. Saigons brings up the life boon, owed by Ms. De Chantillon (interesting in his own right, since at first he appeared to refuse to even acknowledge it) and then continues how Ms. Jentre saved his own life, after he saved miss De Chantillon's life, since he had lost a lot of blood, and she helped him hunt, or something trivial like that. Hardly worth a life boon, you say? Why, I do agree... but the temptation was too great, I am ashamed to say. Imagine Mr. Saigons requesting to pass Ms. De Chantillon's life boon to himself onto miss Jentre.... Quite inventive, yes? It got even more amusing when Ms. De Chantillon basically threw a big fit, and pronounced she would simply not honor a boon to Ms. Jentre.... Can you imagine? While I was all too willing to allow the swop, if only to find out whether she'd be truly that silly, Dr. Creed quite swiftly pointed out the debt owed to Ms. Jentre was hardly worth a life boon, and it was more than likely once again dramatics surfacing. Yawn. He was also quite right boons really should be registered, before attempting to swap them.

We spoke about this briefly in private... and I do still believe this was Mr. Saigon's attempt at registering the boon as well as swopping them in the same motion, simply lacking the finesse and expression to make it all very clear. However, Dr. Creed and myself agreed we would work it out like this: Mr. Saigons was to be owed one major boon to Ms. Jentre for her help, and Ms. De Chantillon would still owe Mr. Saigons a life boon. Now if Ms. Jentre would accept a minor boon from Ms. De Chantillon instead, all other boons would be nilled. Miss Jentre chose the first option, so that levels out to Ms. De Chantillon still owing a life boon to Mr. Saigor Saigons and Mr. Saigor Saigons owing a major boon to miss Jentre.

I asked ms. De Chantillon to accompany me on a little walk, as I wanted to point out on a more personal level how it is her own behaviour that creates these situations she keeps finding herself in. I think she failed to understand what I meant... She fails to see major sulks, and lack of respect for those of higher standing will simply not be accepted in this city any longer. She told me about a run-in with miss Hawkley and how miss Hawkley had no right to blah blah blah... She really doesn't get it, does she? Her naivity is striking, but I must admit, this creature amuses me. I understand she is of considerable age? And she mentioned her mentor, rumored to be one of the Paris Inconnu (I, personally, can hardly believe that) a Roman empire old Kindred... How did someone like that maintain herself in Kindred social circles for such a long time? That, I dont understand.

I have always found St. Louis to have a bit of a laissez-faire attitude to most things... perhaps allowing such behaviour. But Paris? Im simply amazed, not to mention baffled.

In truth, she reminds me a little of Ms. O'Neilly, whom I haven't heard nor have seen anything off in a few days? Has she indeed been transferred, Dr. Creed?

Mostly amused... I wish you all a goodnight,

PS, Ms. Chase, do you realise the suffering you caused me to typing these emails? It painstakingly takes me about 5 minutes to type a full sentence correctly... Not to mention a full mail. Im loving every minute of it, however... I feel like such a yuppie.
Oh dear, the drama continues... I was wondering about miss Du Chatillon's antics in you very own establishment only last night, miss Chase, but only now does it make sense. Miss Chatillon does indeed seem to acknowledge her life being owed to Mr. Saigons... She made a big public performance about asking me whether I was in a position to record debts and whatnot... in a way that, I must admit, irked me somewhat. Alas... She then proceeded to ask me what the highest form of debt one can owe may be. I was surprised to find she did not know her, but indulged her and informed her she was mistaken to think it a blood boon, and that she was looking at a life boon instead. Her interaction with Mr. Saigons and the drama surrounding it reminded me of Shakespeare being performed by a troupe of high school kids, butchered and drawn out like a pig on speed... it was a horror to behold.

But to answer the question rising... yes, miss Merrique du Chatillon of Clan Ventrue has publically announced she owes a the highest form of debts in our society also known as a life boon to Mr. Saigor Saigons of Clan Brujah.

As a sidenote, did anyone notice an amount of rivalry seeming to go on between miss Jentre and miss Du Chatillon? Needless to say what their shared object of affection is... The soap opera attitude in this town is getting somewhat nauseating... I was glad to have Mr. Mazatti in my presence, since he, at least seems to display some common sense...

Speaking of common sense... Im not sure what to think of Miss Jentre bringing one of her victims, midnight snacks, or whatever she may wish to call them upstairs in the Trainwreck.... To feed Mr. Filitov, Im sure... isnt that sweet? A little like a devoted wife making up her husband's lunchbox before he goes to work. Mr. Filitov looked worn, and battered and mentioned fighting a werecreature along with yourself, miss Chase. He also mentioned how he told you and a few others to get away, while he braved the creature alone. Isn't that just the most courageous thing? We are extremely lucky he did not himself die in the attempt to take the creature down... Obviously his public suffering the day after was intended to teach us all something... though Im still not entirely sure what...

I am, however, pretty convinced that looking hurt, proud, strong and courageous is -the- classic way to get all the girls...

With kind regards,

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Mr Hunt.....In regards to Trog, I prefer to play with him. It is very amusing when he cant find a comeback to something you said. The man has the wit of a twig and seems very content without respecting an inch of status in anyone but himself.

All the Noseferatu insist on remaining invisible. The better to ply their trade.

I would say that we should be harder on our own clans. They are our representatives and disgusting behavior reflects on the clan itself badly. It seems many are lacking manners these days. It disgusts me. We shall clean it up shall we not?

I had noticed the absence or non-activity of the Primogen. I had expected better of our own Primogen. Especially when social behavior is a staple of our clan and the Primogen by their very nature are each clans public face. Perhaps a reminder of ettiquette is in order?

Ms. Chase.... does Ms Du Chatillon then deny the boon she owes completely? There are ways to deal with such behavior. Such an important boon must be honored. If not then I suggest that all boons owed to her be nullified to curb such behavior. Our way must be upheld and there must be consequences to such acts.

Mr Creed.... Why doesnt Ms Duschne just give the cards to the Harpy's. As we seen everyone at one time or another it would be a simple way to distribute them. It seems a better alternative than the Primogen.

For some reason I fail to fathom this city seems inundated by the foolish and dullwitted. It worries me that he may bring hunters to our doorsteps.

Cecily Gainesborough
Not much to report in this time.

I met with Ms Duchesne. She explained to me that there was an out of town family emgerncy that required her immedate attetion. She said she is back now and is hoping to make a better impression. We spoke about the Gallery and its puprose as an Elyuism. She has a few security issues wanting to make sure the place is safe. She intends to give the key cards to the primogen staff and have them pass them out. I told her in luie of the current situation with the primogen that it may be wise to find alternate means to distrubte the cards.

There is a new gangrel in the city. A man by the name of Lotus Thorn. He's on the run from Cario. Says hunters are after him but will not say what kind other than vampire hunters. The man seems dense and not to bright. His sublty needs abit of work and he has a long way to go on pateince. He is in need of a server caning.

And Dr Widow is the Tremere Primogen although she is as reculsive as Mr Sevaral.

Dr Vincent Creed
Much to report, I'm not sure where to start....

Saigor spoke to me in confidence two nights ago, about an issue with a clanmate of mine, Merrique du Chatillon. Apparently the man was smitten by her (not ruling out the possibility of discipline application). At the time, it wasn't really worthy of mentioning to the populace at large, personal stuff...not my department. However, things progressed to such a stage over this whole issue, that now its impossible to keep personal issues out of the limelight. Let me explain... (and if you have no tolerance for soap opera dramatics, read no further)

Apparently, Ms du Chatillon had set her sights much higher than Saigor, and went directly for Arkady Filitov. At some point, without divulging the gorey details, the Prince rejected her, which prompted her to decide to go for a walk in the early dawn. Somehow, Saigor learned that she was out by herself, alone...with the sun rising... this information apparently came for Arkady himself. So Saigor goes off to rescue his love. Apparenlty both of them suffered injuries in the whole ordeal. Miss du Chatillon claims that she was just trying to improve her for fortitude skills... harhar. I see two possibilities here: one, that she was in fact trying to destroy herself, or two she was just creating a scene to get the attention of Arkady, and ended up with Saigor's attention instead.

Now here's where it gets sticky, or more sticky than it already was. At some point, apparently Saigor found out that Merrique did not love him and loved Arkady instead, and that Arkady had sent her out to meet the dawn (drama drama drama) and called Arkady, I'm not exactly sure what the nature of that little pissing contest was, but considering the Prince's mood, I didn't give Saigor good odds, for whatever he was challenging. So, I went with the Prince to this Saigor meeting, as requested for an objective opinion... and Merrique shows up at about the same time we arrived. I didn't witness what happened between Saigor and the Prince, as I thought it more prudent to keep Merrique out of the whole thing before she caused more problems.

Incidentally, hours before at an informal Ventrue meeting, Merrique had blatantly disregarded Ms. Hawkley's order to introduce her ghoul. Out on the riverfront, just a small gathering, but there was a kid lingering at the sidelines, whom Merrique disclosed as her new retainer, but absolutely refused Elena's request to bring him forward. Ms. Hawkley was not at all pleased with Ms. du Chatillon, as you can imagine. But, I digress....

So, anyway, I'm outside Eva Jentre's house with Merrique, trying to assess the situation. I mentioned that Saigor saved her life, and as such she would owe him a life boon, which she denied. Saigor came out later and had some choice words for Merrique, apparently his infatuation had come to an end, though when I asked him directly, he denied also that he saved her life, and didn't want the boon. Nothing I can do in this case, though it does irk me that Miss du Chatillon will not take any responsibility for this mess she caused.

And I think that about covers it.... Mr. Hunt, glad to see you're getting the hang of this computer thing, certainly is a modern convenience.

~Marlo Chase


As far as Trog is concerned, I found plain ignoring him is the best way of dealing with him... The funniest part is watching him desperately intrude on whatever conversation you may be having with more pleasant company and watch him get infuriated at being ignored. It's a perfectly satisfying game of entertainment. His desperation to get your attention is almost flattering Ms. Chase... do you believe there is any reason he continues to contact you?

As for his mentioning Xavier... please do feel me in, but who on earth is Xavier? I seem to remember the name mentioned by Prince Filitov during the Harvey incident... However, as I mentioned before, one can hardly expect status when he insists on remaining invisible to the public eye.

I'm glad to hear Mr. Dumont had the grace to acknowledge the error of his ways... It seems an awful lot of members of my Clan are lacking horribly in protocol and general manners these days, as well as an awful lot of cases of misplaced arrogance. Alas, perhaps I am merely more critical of my own Clan members than of everyone else.

On more general note though, what is it with these absent Primogen? Is it the thing to do in Kindred politics these days? Perhaps I missed some fashion trend or something, I dont know, but it seems most of the Primogen have trouble showing their faces once in a while, or even communicate with the members of their clan once in a while. Miss Duchesne, for starters, seems to have disappeared of the face of the planet, since the disastruous opening of her gallery. Perhaps she is too ashamed to face the consequences? Very immature behaviour, really, especially for a Primogen. Then there is, of course, miss Hawkley, who excels in absence. Don't get me wrong... I like the woman and count her as one of my eldest and most pleasant acquintances within St. Louis... but she really could, well, do a bit more to upkeep the public face of the Ventrue. As for the Malkavian Primogen... I wasn't even aware there was one... are there even any Malkavians present within St. Louis? If so, they're apparently not too concerned about being represented. Mr. Rilux, Brujah Primogen... seems totally incompetent, lacking any willpower, strength and political views; why the Brujah put up with him is beyond me. The Nosferatu Primogen, Mr. Smith, a puppet, controlled by Mr. Scopullus as per Scopullus own words. I don't believe I have ever even met the man... but, really, should I bother, when it is Mr. Scopullus I really should speak to? As for Dr. Creed's Primogen... Hmm, who -is- the Tremere Primogen these days? Still Mr. Sevaral? Mr. Sevaral, who, incidentally, seems to have vanished from the public eye as well... I don't think I have seen the man once since Miss Du Cleric's death... Im amazed someone of his station would take her death so personal...

With kind regards,

PS, Miss Chase, I thank you for forcing me to put some time into exploring this new technology. I have bought a laptop, on a friend's recomendation and I've been absolutely astound at everything he has shown me. The potential is astonishing... and I'm hoping to explore it more fully over the next few months.

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Certainly Saigor made some interesting comments, though nothing really concrete. Does it really matter as long as he's following the rules? Jayson Rilux doesn't exactly go out of his way to enforce any kind of protocol on the Brujah.

Trog's calling me was somewhat amusing, it would be different if he had an honest desire to help, but he has mentioned on numerous occasions that he hates the harpies and the status game. I think he just wanted to tell me what a bad job I'm doing. Maybe its pre-emptive strike for when we mention what a bad job he's doing. Either way, he has no say, his badgering is empty air.

I did have an interesting discussion with Saigor last night, I believe Dr. Creed was present, as was Prince Filitov (much of saigor's discussion with the prince was in Russion - how rude). The best part about that night was Arkady's departure. It was like a parade. Filitov gets up to leave, Merrique is begging to walk with him, Eva and John follow him out. I almost felt sorry for the guy, he just can't seem to get away from his fan base.

~Marlo Chase
Just a quick note. I spoke with Mr Dumont about his insult to Mr Smith. The nos Primogen accepted his appolgy. Mr Dumont also extended a minor boon to Mr Smith. Mr Dumont was very helpful and understanding in seeing this matter resolved.

As for the Malk primogen going missing, well I hardly see mine on a regular basis. Nor have I meet the full primogen staff so I thought nothing of it when Mr Baber said he had trouble contacting her. I thought she was just busy or something. Although the matter should be looked into more.

As for Saigor .....

I'm surprised Trog bitched Marlo out though for neglatcing to mention Saigor and Xaver when we handed out status. I was not previously aware he served as a harpy was in a postion to dicate how it should be done. In the future I beleive we should run everything by him. Or ... maybe not.

Dr Vincent Creed

Monday, July 08, 2002

The Primogen of the Malkavian clan disappears and no one notices? Does anyone else see this as something very strange? It does make me wonder what, if anything, will be done about it.

I suspect Saigor of anarch tendencies. Best to watch this one. He seems to be a dangerous handful.
Trog being soundly beaten is intensely amusing. I wonder if it taught the little one any humility.

And there we see why all Snakes should be viewed with suspicion and distrust. Its only a matter of time before his presence is no longer tolerated.

The Nosferatu in this city are like the little mortal tattletail children. There is no reason they should escape the tongue lashing that others receive just because they dont like it. Their behavior increasingly makes me laugh. You would think they would know better.

Cecily Gainesborough
At any rate I've come to find out that Trog had his ass handed to him in a fight. The anarch Walker pretty much kicked his ass. Although from the way it was described to me it wasnt much of a fight. He was bear huged into submission. A situation I found most amusing on many levels.

Stefano Giovanna got into a fight with Eva. Seems he was not polite to her so she threw her drink in his face. That resulted in him attacking her. Not to much of a bright move I suppose. Ms Hawkley and Mr Sevaral questioned him, but he blew them off. I figure if his own clan doesnt displine him for his innate defences of the mind then someone else will.

And am I the only one amused with the Nos scrambling to ask us not to pick on them? I suppose if they did not give reason to be picked on. After all being ugly is no excuse for being rude and impolite to ones betters. We did not curse them with being mishappen freaks and I do not feel we have to pity them and cut them any slack for it. Thats not to say I'd single them out. I do not beleive I've picked on any from that clan. I do not beleive any of us have. But it's so amusing to watch them whine.

Dr Vincent Creed


Ricard: -.5 for failing to honor boon and offering boons from Mel Duchesne to the Nosferatu (by proxy)

Scopullus: -.5 for failure to respect Mel Duchesne's status during an argument

Trog: -.5 for behavior unfitting of his status and post (threats) +.5 for taking charge of Rave incident - breaks even

Andre: +.5 for the actions of his ghoul during the Rave incident

Mel Duchesne: -.5 for leaving the opening night of Elysium, failure to perform duties

Rozella - -.5 for being bonded to an anarch (Dominique)

Dario: +.5 for throwing one helluva party (see Rave Incident)

Chris +.5 for assisting the sheriff in the line of duty (disabling Lin)

Jayson .-5 for failing to deal with the dominique/rozella situation effectively (yes, clanmembers are bitching)

Michael .-5 for publicly insulting nosferatu primogen (in french)
I'm afraid I cant comment particularly on the incident at the rave since I didnt see it all. Though I personally question Trog's tactics lobbing fire at members of our own city.

I do agree about the Immigration laws. These Giovanni seem to care very little for our laws. They are arrogant and rude and it worries me that they seem to be having free reign in this city.

I havent seen Primogen Duschesne in quite some time. I have also been wondering whats up with the Elysium. It may be prudent for one of us to ask what is going on. It doesnt reflect well on her with it.

Cecily Gainesoborough

Sunday, July 07, 2002

What I find most intresting about that nights carnage is the fact that the Ventrue and harpies were first to enage the creature and attempt to put a stop to it. Although I did not find being tossed about like a rag doll fun. I found Trog's tactic even less fun but no one likes to burned I suppose. Im surprised that the brujah werent to first to do something but I suppose I'll always wonder about that.

We must do something about our immigration laws. I do not see why we feel the need to import fools. I speak of Stefano Giovanni. I meet him recently and like the setite that I meet a few nights ago he seems to care little for our rules. I suspect he will be trouble. He seem to have started something between Dario and Ms Juntre, a situation which I diffused only to have the Giovanni disrepect me.

I also beleive Dominque is up to his one of his tricks again. He seemed to take an intrest in Ms Juntre. I beleive he wanted to propstion her for sex or attempt to bond her to him. The talk between the two I overheard did not go well in his favor however and he ended up greatly offending her.

One last piece of business. Whats the deal with the new elyuism? Does anyone have a pass key for it. Is it always to remain locked. I suppose I could ask Ms Dunschee about it, but I have not seen nor heard anything on her since the Gallery. If the place is to be the new elyuism then does anyone know when the keys will be handed out?

Dr Vincent Creed