Saturday, July 20, 2002

Is that all the malkavins could have sworn there was more than just four. Oh well.

Deaths, Siagon is dead. He allegedly broke the treaty we had with the garou and entered the park. His remains were found by another gangrel named Subella. She has a french accent I beleive, traveled a long way. Which makes me wonder, are we holding a gangrel convtion and no one bothered to inform us?

The setite who was killing sect members was destoryed as well tonight. Arkady and several others, most notable Marlo and a new face, Ive yet to meet kept the creature restrained. Marlo did however come onto the reciving end of a good tounge lashing from the fellow before he meet his demise and super man errr our Prince's claws.

Two other new arrivals a ventrue named Pagie and an Lasombra named Alexander. Intresting that we acutally let him live. But then agian I imagine he has yet to meet up with Trog, who has been absencent recently. His seminar on combat tatics tonight was cancled since he did not show for the event. Intresting no?

Dr Vincent Creed

Friday, July 19, 2002

The Malkavian problem is indeed a problem, I've had scores of them at the trainwreck, unacknowledged, trying to get acknowledged and no contacts or guidance from within. Are there any of these new arrivals that have shown any kind of aptitude for a leadership position? Heres a short list of the Malkavians I've ran into: Izzy, Fisher, Kai, Kroh

One also has to wonder about the immigration of the Gangrel, and what that means for the sect, seems all the gangrel walk that fine line of "independence" and one can never be sure. Are boons offered by an independent non-acknowledged childe (Raven) even valid at all?

As for more on the Maeve/Andre murder. Quite a lynch mob gathered at the trainwreck last night. Chantilly showed up, bad timing there, I suppose. I never did like that woman, and I like setites even less. My clan has had problems with setites here since day one. Suffice it to say, she was staked and taken for questioning, to ensure her non-involvment in this whole sordid mess.


Well you know the saying Brujah will be Brujah, or something that effect.

At any rate I've noticed that the importation of fools has yet to cease. I'm pondering a tarriff, perhaps that will stop them from coming in. Currently however I'm speaking of Christopher Fisher a malk I beleive and Julian a gangrel. Two clans that were non existant last week and now seem to be croping out of no where. I suppose these two clans resurgance wouldnt be much of an issue if all their new members were able to follow proper etiquette. Mr Fisher was apt to raise his voice in an insulting manner with Marlo and Julian, well he seemed intent on stoping me from investigating a former ghoul whom I thought may have been a Masq breach. Not that she was but better safe than sorry, with recent events and all.

I suppose Julian's ignorance could have been forgiven if the gentleman had shut up when it was requested of him. Total disrepect for status on his part. Kept babbling on and on about how me asking the woman, Annie a former ghoul it seems that is pregant with Bukowski child., questions was unfair. I'm told however that he helped in the attack against Ms Copper tonight. But still overall, how many times does one have to be asked and then told to be quite before they will do so? I should have removed his tounge, I really should have. Did not leave a good impression about the gangrel overall.

Raven's, whom by the way reminds me some how of a puppy, actions however did mitigate the clan's overall embarrshement. She offered me a boon in exchange for punishing her instead of Julian. She experessed the desire to take the punishment so that Julian would know what proper behavior and respect to those of higher station means. Quite noble in my book. I know very few who would go that far to protect their clans repuation and to make an example of someone.

In other news, it's regretable that Warren is no longer with us. Cecily has called me and informed me that she is away on business but will return shortly (the mun has been ill). Now, to see what awaits us at Eva's party.

Dr Vincent Creed

Thursday, July 18, 2002

So, it seems the Mel Duchesne is making in effort to put to right all the wrongs. I wouldn't give her a snowball's chance in hell, but apparently Warren Hunt is willing to give her a second, third, fourth and even a fifth chance. I suppose it doesn't really matter to me, I find that I'm growing into the comfort zone of not have a strong primogen/elder court to dictate at me. Go Mel!

Scopullus also added to the discussion, the one where Warren is giving Mel a sixth chance, though its somewhat based on how Eva's party goes. Scopullus feels like he has too much work because he does too much of Sam's job. Boohoo. There really isn't something to be said about making yourself useful and perhaps indespensible to your elders - increased chances of survivability. Plus we all know who's court the nosferatu are really playing in. Go Scopullus!

And, finally....just a morbid newsflash, turns out I got a package at the trainwreck. A box containing the head of Andre Bassard and his ghoul, Maeve. Hopefully, I'll have more on that later.

Signing off....


As for the whole werewolf incident, if you remember right, Mr. Bolt declined the boon offered to him by Eva Jentre.

And speaking of Eva Jentre, she's hosting a party at her house this Friday, I do wonder who is on the guest list and who's not.

In other news, there's a fourteen year old kid with eyes that bleed (don't ask me) wandering about. Miss Jentre asked me if she could have access to the upstairs, which I said I'd have to think about. The girl is a walking masquerade breach, and I'm not about to babysit. Later, Izzy spoke to me about the girl, expressing interest in taking her on as a charge.

Meanwhile, a young gangrel by the name of Raven has been taken under the "wing" of Bryce and Davias (two other gangrel)...she's almost as clueless as the bleeding eye girl...Is there a theme here?

Bolt seems to be having some difficulty with clan members, though that shouldn't be surprising, Avery giving him a run for his money...stay tuned....

Oh and finally, I do regret to inform you all that Warren Hunt will no longer be making posts...I do believe I will miss that man's amazingly sharp wit and insight...but such is life.

Signing off


Wednesday, July 17, 2002

It's that time again. Short update. Last night there was an incident at the Forest Park. Eva went down there alone, for what ever reasons and was attacked by a pack of lupines. Long story short alot of people showed up to pull her ass out of the fire. As a result she owes a few people boons.
Eva owes Arkady a life boon for coming to her aide
Eva owes Bolt a major boon for coming to her aide
Eva owes Scopullus a minor boon, this boon was aquired when it was transfered to him by Raven

Also, the forest park is off LIMITS. Under server penalty by the Prince should anyone be caught there. This is in accordance to a new peace agreement with the lupines. They will leave us be if we stay out of the park. Simple enough. Spread the word

Dr Vincent Creed

Monday, July 15, 2002

Mel Duchesne: -.5 for once again failing to perform duties as primogen and the general failure to get Elysium up and running or kick Ricard into gear to do it

Sam Smith ((Munch)): -.5 due to his clan acknowledging that he's only a "puppet primogen"

Ricard DelaCroix: -.5 because even though everyone says he's Keeper of Elysium, and there is no Elysium

Eva Jentre: +.5 for taking on the responsibility of Dario's ghoul, general service to the Camarilla

Jon Roswald ((Xavier)) : +.5 for mentoring the Gangrel, Davias in the ways of the Sect

Scopullus: +.5 for gracefully apologizing and realizing the error of his ways, and possibly being the real voice of the Nosferatu (not quite determined)

Kennis: +.5 for attempting (as best she can) to pick up the slack left by Duchesne and DelaCroix

Warren Hunt: +.5 for successfully deflecting potential Masq break during Lasombra incident

Avery: -.5 for improper introduction ((note: 1 status, given for acknowledgement, so final status is .5))

Dominique: +.5 for switching from anarch to camarilla, has yet to prove himself though

It is true that boons are transferrable upon death. But I do believe that sheriffs and princes are normally exempt from that clause, due to line of duty type situations. It would definitely impair the job of the average sheriff to be beholden to a posse of others while he's doing his job - though on a side note, I wouldn't mind not exempting Trog.

A few introductions were witnessed, acknowledged Davias Arcturus, of Clan Gangrel. Raven, of Clan Gangrel, Bryce of clan Grangel. Hmm..that's a lot of gangrel.

Also acknowledged, Avery of Clan Brujah, who began a most auspicious career in the camarilla by stating that he was here to get this "whole formality crap" out of the way.

That's all for now.

Marlo Chase

For your information: Whenever a Kindred ends another's life, the boons owed by that other are transferred to the killer as per definition.

As a sidenote, and purely to satisfy my curiosity... Are Corvette's tiger proof?

With kind regards,
Warren Hunt

Sunday, July 14, 2002

An interesting tidbit I picked up. It appears that Dominique is forcing a blood bond onto Roz. According to what I have heard, he forcibly bound her. She doesnt want the bond and wishes to end it but he refuses to back off. Oddly enough it appears that Jayson wishes them to be mutually bound. Something neither of them wants. The new Primogen Bolt also appears to be in agreement with Jayson though he says he will make a ruling on this at a later date.

Cecily Gainesborough
Not much on my end I suppose. I think death should pretty much null a boon. If one of the parties dies I do not see any reason why someone else should be burdened with a debt they didnt create.

As for the brujah, I suppose Mr Bolt is a good choice. I don't know either men well but he seem's the be the better of the two. Some how Wilhem doesnt inspire much in me.

And once again I ask, why do we import fools?

Dr Vincent Creed
A few other minor notes and things that have come up. Jayson did step down as primogen, there was some minor squabbling between Bolt and Wilhem Cellick, but I'm guessing they got that sorted out. I'm just happy we don't have all the Brujah changing their last name to Cellicks' and joining the cult of happy tra-la Cellick Brujah. Anyhow, another retirement has occured, the Seneschal. Ren Sevaral has apparently been transferred or somesuch. No one has as of yet been named as his replacement, though we've certainly got along fine with a non-existant seneschal.

On another not, Jon Roswold, of the Nosferatu has agreed to mentor a Gangrel by the name of Davias in the traditions and ways of the Camarilla - sound familiar? Sounds terribly familiar to me, but Jon does so at least with full knowledge of the risks. Exchanging a Major Boon for such tuteluge, though I'm not sure how much such social standards can be applied to an Independent Gangrel. He agreed to the terms though.

Marlo Chase

I have discovered the identity of the the new Primogen of the Brujah. It is Mr. Bolt.

Cecily Gainesborough