Saturday, July 27, 2002

Congratulations are certainly in order for several after last night's showing. Considering the events I was privy to, Court seemed much more a "showing" than a gathering.

Before I should speak about any others, I'll begin with my own clan. Conner - youthful exubrance and naivete. It is my wish that he discovers that Kindred termed "Elder" live long enough to earn the reference through tact, wit, and outright tenacity, not just tooth and claw.
Raven, poor child. I am dismayed as well that the Gangrel no longer count themselves as a clan among the ranks of the Camarilla. Those of us, however, that do remain do so because we believe in and support its institutions - at least moreso than we would the alternatives. Forgive me for once again being la Chienne and correcting you before the masses. Better my tongue than...well, anything the Prince might choose to correct you with, especially after the first time.
Bravo, Prince Filitov, for making it through Court. It's often not the easiest of processes.

Further congratulations go to Elena Hawkley of the Ventrue - I must have missed her. I was a bit late. When I finally get around to seeing her, I will be sure to congratulate her in person, and I hope that she may some day make a fine Seneschal. Beware, Ms Hawkley, you have a ladder-climber in your midst, and I do believe Devin Sanderheart wishes to obtain that position in time - or now. When a scourge shows up, they should also be aware of Sanderheart. Ambition with viciousness - just find a way to temper that with a bit of wisdom...

I mustn't forget the Toreador. I noted Mel to be the first to try and obtain Prince Filitov's attention after he adjourned an obviously difficult Court. It is good to see a Kindred so on top of things. I'm not certain what I expected out of Michael Dumont, but his characteristic sneer and malicious attitude were not present - nor was he, for that matter, by the time I arrived.
I am reminded, after the evening's events why I did not have a cell phone prior to coming to this city. If my telephone went off during Court in Paris, I think I may have been flogged, let alone if I had the audacity to answer it. I wonder which was more the bother, the disrespect shown the other clans, or her own by the scene. I can't imagine anyone missed it.

If I had a prize, I think I would give it to Kay Croft. Apparently the deed of paper she showed to Prince Filitov was reasonable enough to stabilize a situation that seemed dangerously close to getting out of hand. I just wonder why Mr. Pratt was the one to initially gain Filitov's attention in the matter. Kudos, Monsieur Pratt for assisting your clan. Now, do us all a favor and find out what's up with Raymond, who also claims kinship with you.

Another change of position must garner some attention in favor of Ms White, or Izzy as she explained she liked to be called. I'm quite impressed that she went into a room full of Malkavians and came out with a firm decision, especially considering Mr. Maddox' attitude prior to entering the room. She comes in late and still gets the job done. One must wonder - what's to be next?

Thank you, Marlo and Dr. Creed, for this opportunity.

Marquessa Subella du Boulle
Still at least Izzy showed up. Thats 2 primogen out of 6 though. I suppose they all had excuse or something but still. It was an intresting note. Espcially if you consider how often one see's Mel.

As for Devin, he appeared to behave himself during Court. Note I said during Court because he did not win any brownie points with me before Court. Although I have to ask. Although he seemed very ambitous when I did meet him. Does he even have any clan support for running an Elyusim and being a Keeper?

Seugne wishes to be harpy. She's real anxious to get back into that role. Seems she's served in every city, but one, as a harpy. With that said I beleive she wishes to work with us and help us out.

Speaking of anxious people, at least Cortez pretty much behaved himself. I half expected him to slip up and find himself dead or something.

And while you feel the Gangrels outburst warrent I felt it was un needed. I think it just aggravated the Prince more. Was afraid he'd bust out as superman again and start busting heads. But Im now curious what your opinion on the matter is Subella.

As for Raymond, I've done my part. I've spread the word about Trog and Scopullus wishes. I've called Scopullus when I've seen him. And you are right, the man is creepy.

As for smother Court, I beleive fewer people should be there. Perhaps just city officals and those that needed to be presented or have made prior arrangments to discuss business with the Prince. That may speed things up. But just an idea

Dr Vincent Creed

Keep in mind, Dr. Creed, as far as I know of, this is the first time Court has ever been held in St Louis, I'm surprised it went as smoothly as it did. Some of the things we can work on, maybe figure out a way to make things a little faster, and smoother, if Filitov agrees. I don't think he likes these things anymore than anyone else does.

Picking on Eva again about a phone call, for shame. Like anyone noticed or cared. I'm surprised you didn't comment upon my clan member's enthusiasm - Devin Sanderheart. I don't even know what to think of him yet, but apparently, he's extremely ambitious, already been commented upon multiple times.

The gangrel's display was somewhat appropriate, given the whole Malkavian situation. I'd actually give props to Maddox Brathwait Esquire the third for being a little proactive there. Its not their fault they don't have a primogen, and Izzy wasn't exactly present to tidy things up, and it doesn't really bode well for her future as primogen.

Trog can get Raymond himself, the man creeps me out.

And welcome Subella, good to have another pair of eyes and ears. I have to wonder what the future holds for me, with Elena rising to seneschal, I may have to move on into her place. We'll see, its a clan matter at this point.


While I understand the importance of, and truely do support it, I just like to express that Court ...... Perhaps it was because we were behind on business or that the meeting seemed to be slow and drug out. I don't know. Perhaps better organzation is needed. Idea's?

Well heres are some highlights I saw.

Ms Jentre excused her self during the middle of court to take a call. I'd assume that like most of us her cell phone would be off. I know I had no intentions of taking any calls. Mel was quick to speak with her in hushed tones afterwards though. I don't think the Torrie Primogen was all to impressed with Eva's distraction.

Speaking of primogens, I beleive Mel was the only one to acutally show up. From elusive to being in the spot light, amazing. I do not beleive I saw anyone else's primogen there. Shame really, I'd of hope that the others would have shown more support. I will grant you however that Ms Hawkly is excused partially. Being that she's changing postions and all, but then again that begs the question of why the new Sensechal wasn't there.

The gangrel made an intresting display. And by intresting I mean ..... intresting. Conner was quite vocal with his opinions, shame he couldnt keep them to himself or write them down. Oh well.

And ever the the rabble rousers, the brujah seemed for the most part to content themselves with snide remarks to themselves amoung hushed tones. Of note I noticed Kay and Avery keeping a nice idle chat going. Were things really moving that slow? And now Kay with her own domian? I hope she intends to inform the rest of us what it is.

But tonights show stoper ..... the Malk's. Send in the clowns. Those happy sappy clowns. I had wondered if the Prince intended to recongize them tonight. They lacked any true leadership and with no offical primogen to vouch for them I felt it was slim chance. And I was right. But leave it to a Malk to be bold enough to impose his will when it's not warrented. Maddox of bla bla bla ... bla bla bla bla .... bla bla .... etc .... Was very vocal in his attempt at getting recongized. And had he been paying attetion or had abit more common sense perhaps the show would have stoped there. But no he defied the princes will and continued going so far as to attempt to introduce Cortez. I think his insitence on the matter was ... abit foolish. His statement that this was an outrage was amusing to say the least. And his attempt to become the primogen in one swift move was also amusing. Abit of naked ambiton on his part, kinda reminds me of the Malk equivlant of Eva. But not to be outdone Izzy just happened to show up. The woman has nice timing acutally. I think she was able to salvage some of the mess created by her clan mates eagerness. And she came out of it as the clans offical primogen.

So congratulations are in order. Firts to Izzy for becoming a leader to her clan and steping up and taking the spot of primogen. Then to Subella who as of tonight joins our ranks as harpy.

In other news, once again Trog is stressing that Raymond be brought in for questioning. Trog wishes to speak to the man personally. The prince also gave out a reminder that the Forest Park is off limits. Punishment for this, should you evade the lupines there, is final death.

I beleive thats covers it from my end. Ladies .....

Dr Vincent Creed

Friday, July 26, 2002

Raymond: he's a real piece of work. What in the hell is he thinking? Okay, so fine, he attacked scopullus, its not like he killed the guy, and frankly, there have been times that I've felt the need to attack scopullus, I just have more self control. But whats all this crap about honor and justice and blah blah blah, and why the hell did he attack scopullus in the first place - for feeding!? Its ridiculous. Obviously, if he can't work things out with scopullus and atone for his poor lack of judgment in the situation, he deserves whatever "injustice" he gets.

Oh, its not quite official yet, but Elena Hawkley will be appointed to Seneschal. Just a headsup.


More news

Raymond and Scopullus had it out. Bunch of name calling and insulting and bickering. Oh and a small scufful. Basically Scopullus decked Raymond and Raymond drew his sword. Sykes felt insulted as well because he's brujah. I grow weary of that. Raymond still claims innonence of the crimes. And expresses the opinion that our system of justice is unfair and not just thus the princes decsion will be unfair and not just.

It wasnt until I suggested to the group that I immolate them that the decided to be silent.

I was kind enough to inform him that his life rested on this justice system and that if all he had to say in his defense against the charges brought forth so far is that the system is not fair, well he should probally get his affairs in order.

I'm feel a need to immerse myself in Dickens... .... ..

Dr Vincent Creed
Oh Im sure. Ms Hawkly is quite the ... well anyway.

I don't think the Nos would lynch Ms Jentre per see. I often picture them visting her in the night. And their visit would not be kind. I'd imagine they would take her down into the sewars where she can wallow in the degradtion she disdains so much. Chained to the the dank and damp walls of the sewars. Immerised in the nausteing aroma. With all kinds of foul manner of creatures scuring around, on or over her. But then again, I could have one warped imagination.

She deined insulting them tonight. And dismissed her comments about "their" version of Elyuism. Odd but oh well. You know my feelings on the matter anyway

I like Subella, she's pleasant and seems to respect the Cam and it's institutions. She's very observant and has a nice quick wit about her. I do not beleive there are any rules against gangrel harpies. But then again we have a gangrel prince.

Yes Micheal, well as stated. Does the man want the job to do the job or does he just want his status back. I'm not sure what Ms Hawkly endorsed him but oh well. I'm not sure he'd get his entire clan's backing unless he had full intention of useing the Gallery as Elysuim. And even then who knows.

I think the idea with the club was that it was a private place. Kinda like you had to be on the list deal. Maybe Jon and Trog worked out whatever issues that couldnt be worked out with the Wreck. I'm not certain I havent spoken to Trog on the matter.

I'm not sure if this was mentioned before but Scopullus has officaled resumed the role of Primogen for his clan. So he's no longer the hidden power behind the clan's efforts.

Court is tommorow night at 9pm in the Wreck. I suggested to both the prince and Mel that should the Gallery not be used as Elyusim that it be used as the offical place to hold Court.

I beleive that covers everything from my end

Dr Vincent Creed

Thursday, July 25, 2002

First of all, Elena has a very unique way of twisting things around. The seneschal discussion she deflected onto me, probably for her own reasons. Does not mean there was an offer, opportunity, or desire on my part, it only means that Elena wanted to make it appear that way. Be very very cautious when speaking with Ms Hawkley, she is very good at what she does.

As for the great Keeper debate, it is fairly obvious that Ms Jentre will do what she can to see that her clan is taken care of. Admirable, I suppose, but you were right to be worried about what would happen should she apply those philosophies and biases in a harpy arena. I imagine the Nosferatu might even lynch her.

Subella expressed some insight in the argument, I'd get her winning points. Is there any rule against a Gangrel as a harpy?

Michael continued to make an ass out of himself, the man is pompous to the extreme. Though I'd also have to give him points for being endorsed by Elena Hawkley, though I'm with you...I have no idea why. Maybe she got a fruit basket too.

As for Jon's place, that's a tricky one. I know for a fact that trog and filitov would prefer an elysium that is not open to the public. Though I don't know how you can have a bar and not stand out if its closed all the time. And then I don't see the point of making a clone of the trainwreck either, the same problems will exist in the Elysium that exist in th Trainwreck. I can't support that at all.


Poltics Poltics aah the meat of my career.

So the topic for tonights debate? Who should be the new Keeper and where should Elyusim be.

Ms Jentre believes another Torrie should hold to postion. Now I'm by far have nothing against the Torries, I count many among its ranks as friends but deciding who should be Keeper should be based on ablity and not clan. If a Torrie can't do it then the job should fall to someone else. And while they put the work into the Galleria it isnt exactly the right atmosphere. Not everyone wish to can afford to or has to means to be accepted in that enviroment. And just because they set it up for it doesnt mean that the Keeper should be of thier clan or use it.

I firmly beleive the Keeper has every right to choose the spot and not the spot choose them.

Ms Hawkly supports Micheal Dumont. Why is beyond me. The man got me a fruit basket to make up for his transgressions. I can't even eat fruit. Eva supports him as well, which I still think is a bad thing. Perhaps my talk with her has fallen on death ears. I beleive the only reason she supports him is because he's Torrie and not on any real merit. He claims he'll be able to build a place that will suit everyones needs but he doesnt know half the ppl I know how can he make an Elyuism that will appeal to more people. Lets not even mention the fact that his current standing in the city is less than that of a newly arrived.

Jon of the Nos has also step forward into the lime light. The man is pleasant, gets around and most ppl know of him if not out right know him. He's become a regular upstairs in the Wreck. He has a build secured for the purpose of Elyuism. Granted it was not the places orignal purpose but it will due all the same. The place is rather nice, it needs to be decorated but when offical open has the potental of competeing with the Wreck for business. Thats right, the Nos have a club and are not even remotely suggesting that we gather in some dank hole as Ms Jentre implied it would be. The decsion of whether it will be open to mortals or not has not been made, but the building much like the Wreck, has two floors so there could be a second upstairs competeing for attetion. I think Subella also gave the building a thumbs up, will have to check with her since she left before I did.

I'm told both Bolt and Trog approve of Jon's arrangments already and thats a plus.

Now I know I know a Nos Keeper, but ... no where does it state that the Keeper has to be a Torrie. More importantly in the begining the harpies implied that the Nos could improve their social graces. Call it a challenge, and for the most part they as a whole have risen to the occasion. More than I can say for some people. Since I don't beleive the clan chooses the job I think the man can handle it. If Jon wants it and can do it he's more than welcome to. I doubt he'll leave us high and dry like the former did. Speaking of which, does anyone know where he went, like to send an advance warning to the city that is "lucky" enough to recieve him.

Marlo, you didnt tell me you were offered the spot of Seneschal, we must talk. At any rate it was suggested that Ms Hawkley take the postion. I think it's a good idea. The prince is in dire need of some help. Not that he can't handle the job but the influx of kindred has made it a neccity that he delegate some of his responblties to others. Elena is a good choice for the spot. Granted if she takes it there will be abit of shuffling in the Ventrue. A new primogen would need to be found. As to who that may be....

Speaking of primogen, Izzy is poised to become her clans rep. She has taken the time to organize them. And the one or two Ive spoken to about the matter support it. Now if we could only get them all recongized.

No word on the hunt for the errant brujah Raymond. Im not sure if he's skipped town yet. But I hear Bolt is still working on it so we will see.

I need my own live broadcast. Well ...... maybe not

Dr Vincent Creed

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Hahaha a Cellick cult. I'm amused. But no really, was he that bad?

Shame about the girl. I think we could have learned something from her condtion. Maybe its the scientist in me.

I'll speak to Izzy make sure she knows about all her family. They seem abit hard to keep track off.

Spoke with Mel, she's working on getting more cards made. Haven't seen Ricard around, may asking her about him if I catch her again.

Eva still lacks the intergity for the job. But at least I told her to grow up and start behaving like an adult. Even recommened she remove that chip on her shoulder. With luck she will improve enough for me to acutally want to have her on board.

Funny though, I didnt see any gangrel on your list. And I hate to assume that they've all been reconginzed. Oh well

Raymonds wanted for questioning. Offical word handed down from Trog himself. And Trog stressed the point ALIVE.

Still trying to find ways to expidite the acknowldgment proccess. I feel like we are running some kind of refugee camp. I fucking hate the Red Cross... take all the good blood.

I beleive thats it.

Dr Vicnent Creed
So...apparently the brujah suddenly got up in arms about the cellick-brujah and chased Wilhem out of town. Crazyness. I mean, the man wasn't -that- bad. And it really doesn't solve the Cellick-brujah thing. Plenty of cellicks left, definitely a breeding population.

Speaking of breeding, Eva put her stamp on some caitiff brujah thing, who Dr. Creed identified as being also thinblooded. jesus. Like we need more of these cast off, unlearned, neonates running around. Its a miracle we haven't had more masquerade problems. It boggles the mind. Not to mention, population wise, its not like we're allowed to run around embracing willynilly, but yet somehow if it happens in some distant galaxy we're supposed to accept it. I don't think so. Anyway, apparently Filitov denied her residency papers. No blood hunt or anything, just the royal snub. Works for me.

Meanwhile, still looking to replace Hunt. Eva would be okay maybe, if she could just suck it up sometimes and maybe developed a bit of integrity to boot. Michael being a prime example. Still haven't seen that man...i mean come on, if he could just meet us halfway, I wouldn't mind singing his praises and all, but he's as bad as Mel, if not worse...least mel didn't come begging and whining for a "retraction" she fixed things herself.

Oh and I'm composing a census here, quite a few immigrations, those unacknowledged are marked with an X (hehe). Though they are trying, I just don't know how Filitov keeps up with it out, and with Several's sudden departure...enough said. There's probably more, but I had a list handy. My memory is crap.


Charlotte X
Fisher X
Kai X
Kroh X
Stanilav X
Cortez X


Seth Cruz X
James Corbin
Corbin Ashburn X


Craig X
Sykes X
Kay Croft
Luke X


Tuesday, July 23, 2002

I had a run in with Cortez also. Very obtuse man. I'm like right in the middle of a conversation with him and he walks off, apparently he's easily distracted. He appeared later to tell me that he thought Raymond was innocent of whatever crimes everyone was accusing him of. He scanned his aura or something and came up witth that judgement. Mr Shrell and I did some explaining about status and what it means when a Primogen accuses you of something, all the lie detectors in the world probably aren't going to do Raymond any good. I think Cortez might have gotten some understanding out of it, but who knows. Like so many others that enter the city, the uneducated masses grow.

What has Eva done to displease so many people, I wonder. When she's good, she's very very good...and you know the rest of the saying.

As far as Michael is concerned, I'm sure that he is the fine upstanding specimen of Kindred traditionality that he purports to be, pity none of us has ever seen it. Perhaps Michael could spare a few minutes of his time to play the part, or maybe he's going to wait on Madame Guile's arrival so that she can put all the harpies in their proper places for doing such a disservice to her favored ones. I wonder if Arkady Filitov is aware of the arrival of such a celebrity....


What a night what a night. I shot the fool Cortez in the head for being stupid and sneaking up on Kennis like he was some kind of setite stalker. He laughed like it was funny, figures ... malk. Izzy spoke with him, and I beleive straigthend him out. I think she will do well as their primgoen. She's already putting the working for it into place.

Eva was making sexual advanances on Avery. I find it funny since before the woman appeared to have a distaste for him. Avery was revolted by the prospect of sexual acts with Eva another fact I found amusing. He then informed me that her entire clan has seen fit to snub her ... and her chances at any offical postion. An intresting event considering how well Im told her party went. Well ok.. so not so well. I keep getting mixed reviews about it. Some people liked it ... some people hated it. I suppose since I was late, busy at the lab and all, that I'll just have to take other peoples word for it

Micheal Dumont seemed to have found a quick way to move in status. In an attempt to gain more he maded lewed threats, by mentioning Madame Guile as a close personal friend of his grand sire, made demands that I fix it, by insuatiing that it is my job to make his lack of involement look good and praise worthy enough to raise it back to his former state, and bribery, by offering me a boon to fix it. Id like to think that bribery and bullying tatcics is not what it takes to gain status in this city. In the very least I'd imagine an elder to be abit more descreate about the matter.

Shame about Rozella though. I meet her once, sweet girl. Odd about Wilhem's reaction. I heard he was madly in love with her. Although he was cozing up to some new girl I saw at the bar with him tonight. Maybe thats why bygones are well bygones for him.

As for the attacks on Scopullus. He's asked me to help out. I'm not sure what exactly he needs help with but I will see what I can do for him. Combat is more Trog's arena and Id imgaine thats what they want of the man in question. If the man is taken alive I can probally interogate him. But if the Nos get to him first I doubt there will be anything left to question. Im told that Arkady has asked Bolt to either A. Find Raymond before Trog does or B. to handle the matter before he has Trog handle it. I'm not sure which was the case. But to be honest I support whatever measure of justice the Nos wish to seek in the matter.

Dr Vincent Creed

Monday, July 22, 2002

Eva Jentre: +.5 for hosting a very pleasant party with no rave monsters, lupines, inquisition, or karaoke

Mel Duchesne: +.5 for actually doing something right and appointing Warren Hunt as Whip

Izzy [last name]: +.5 for her assistance with the plethora of malkavians and the business of the severed heads

Chris Pratt: +.5 for assistance in the Lupine Incident

Kay Croft: +.5 for assistance in the setite-kennis incident

Craig: -.5 for losing control in public and attacking Preston

Preston: +.5 for stabbing Craig, upholding masquerade.

Ricard dela Croix: +.5 for finally getting access cards out for the new elysium

And if things weren't messy enough. Apparently Rozella Cellick killed herself, Bolt called me because he feared that Wilhem might do something rash in retaliation to the Ventrue for that whole messy business of a bond. I guess its our fault she killed herself too. Though after talking to Wilhem, his position was that it was time to let bygones be bygones, does this strike anyone else as odd?

Meanwhile, a Brujah named Craig lost control outside the trainwreck after Preston (Toreador) told him the news of Rozella's unfortunate demise. Mass chao ensued, some broken furniture which ended with Preston stabbing Craig and Craig walking off? The ending's a bit fuzzy, but that's what I got.

Also, a boon is owed to Kennis by Trog himself. She shared with him some sensitive information related to Scopullus and the clan as a whole. Apparently there may have been more to scopullus random assassination attempt, Kennis suggesting after a scan of evidence that it was not so random at all and the Nosferatu might be being targetted.


Sunday, July 21, 2002

I have no opinion whatsoever on the Lasombra. If he's smart, he'll make sure things stay that way - good opinions are so hard to come by.

Yes, I did my part for the world by taking a good tongue lashing from the setite anathema, very unpleasant. Probably could have all been much quieter if we didn't have people shooting left and right and superman leaping tall buildings in a single bound. Not that I'm complaining, if Arkady hadn't jumped in....I might not have faired so well in the next tongue lashing. God, I hate snakes. Chantilly's gone gone gone, courtesy of the resident lynch mob and once again, Arkady. Course, that's fortunate for me, I probably would have killed her. Currently, she's just cozy with a piece of wood.

Pretty dumb of Saigor, though I do have to wonder about this whole treaty, truce whatever it is. Don't get it. Don't like it either.

And of course, Eva's party. Some interesting things to note. The coups of the Toreador regime was solved, apparently Warren Hunt is now whip to Mel Duchesne...whip..whipping boy. Not that I have a lot of room to complain. So, I'll just leave it at that.

Meanwhile, Sam Smith..aka Munch has resigned as primogen of the nosferatu. Musical chairs again...he said he was going to humor scopullus and let him be primogen...ohboy. It is a rat eat rat world, I think. Its convenient that they complain about the harpies destroying their status, but jesus h. christ. Not like we have to do anything, if they're so willing to slit their own throats. Very disappointing. And I'm getting a damn crick in my neck from having to change direction on the whole bowing thing with the nosferatu. Screw it, I think I'll moon scopullus instead...hmm hmm...okay maybe not, passing thought. delete delete delete.

But other than a most unpleasant conversation with Mr.Smith, Eva Jentre's party was quite a nice affair. Those noteable in attendance, Arkady Filitov, Mel Duchesne, Warren Hunt, Kennis Cooper, Sam Smith, Avery, Raven, Bryce....oh and the bleeding eye girl. wtf.