Friday, August 02, 2002

And that was the end of Raven. Ah well, I think someone said a while back that we're always hardest on the ones in our own clans, and Arkady finally had enough. Bad break for the girl, she might have had some potential, but man, some of the things she said were just wak. Either entirely unbelievable, or downright suspicious.

Speaking of suspicious - went to meet Bukowski down at Starbucks tonight, he was there talking with Kennis, and everything was kind of wierd. Bukowski asked if Kennis wanted the stuff he had and they began to walk off toward an ally, though Kennis became very insistent that they do it alone...of course I follow anyway. Next thing I know, Bukowski's stuck a piece of wood in Kennis' chest and is saying that its NOT kennis. So, we call Kennis number and she picks up...definitely the thing with the stake was not Kennis...we don't know what it was. Was, past tense, the real Kennis took the head of the doppleganger as per my request. Really can't have fucked up shit like that wandering around, and I'm not too impressed with Trog's interrogation techniques or his track record with losing captives.

Yes sorry about that Subella. He's been a problem for some time but no one has had any recent attacks so he kinda sliped our or at least my mind.

Where to begin tonight. Well, Raven seems a good starting point. Arkady layed down the law with her. It seems she had been claiming to have postions with in and with out her clan that were just not true. And as such the Prince verbally berated her infront of quite a large group of kindred. In the end he gave her a choice, die or leave. She choose exile over death and was escorted out by Trog. An intresting thing of note though. During her talk with the prince Micheal came in and headed towards the man like he had some grave news of upmost importance. And then we come to find out that he wanted to tattle on Raven for attacking him.

Now I know attacking your elders is probally bad form, but I hardly consider being slapped, even if it was closed fist, an attack. Hell Avery was stabbed till he blacked out by Eva and yet you dont see him running to the prince to tell on her. I imagine it is this kind of trival business that keeps the prince so busy. I'd rather not be seen too if people were whining to me about a gangrel raising their hand in anger. I imagine he doesnt hang around many brujah.

Sad about Raven though. It seemed like she was finally coming around. She had decided that the mortal Moonshine wasnt worth her time and left her to whatever fate Seth or Micheal have in store for her. She sited her lack of age as being a number one reason why she no longer wished to pursue the matter. Her other main point being that the woman seems to be a drunk and drugie and is only clean when acutally working.

Raymond has found an intresting fate. It seems that he will be made an example. Now he has been cleared of the charges brought against him. Well all except for attacking Scopullus, but that can be construed as a misunderstanding. However as explained to myself and Izzy he shall serve as an example and an experiment all at the same time. His fate is to be left in the sewars, his blood to be used to feed the creatures that inhabit it's depths. I'm thinking they'll force feed him to keep him alive for this punishment. When they feel he's innocent they will allow him to crawl out of the sewars.

And speaking of sewars Scopullus wishes me to spread the word. No one is to go down there with out a guide. There are some very nasty things in place to protect his family and he wishes to avoid an "accident." Fair enough. Not that I'd want to go down there with out a guide anyway.

While I'm on the topic of Scopullus he seemed to handle himself quite well. Espcally considering how Eva and Micheal seemed to be mocking him. Now I'll admit, being at what 4 foot something the man seems comical at times. However Eva and Micheal deemed fit to inform him how his illusions to keep apperances in public were works of art. He handled himself well, snubing the pair and saying that he only wished to speak to a more respected member of that clan and thus turned to speak to Kennis. I'd imagine a month ago such behavior from the Torries would have resulted in an outright argument but the man handled himself well.

At any rate that covers things for tonight. Sorry I havent be active these past few days. Lab work and all

Dr Vincent Creed

Thursday, August 01, 2002

No, Ms Chase. I am not in any way offended. I happen to know that as far as standing within the Camarilla, those of my clan must make names for themselves in order to assist the clan. We cannot count upon lineage for such a thing anymore.

Raven is fast becoming a thorn in my side. She put on a pitiful display the other evening while Connor and I were involved in clan business, and she did her best to sway several in the clan that I was some sort of monster bent on ruining my own clan. Where she gets these notions, I have no idea, but she is truly a pitiful creature. She is deserving currently of neither status nor attention. She is childish and quite petty. How odd, that she seems to think such of me for being a Harpy, yet she so openly exhibits the characteristics.

Subella du Boulle
Seems as if the number of gangrel have increased again, and I keep getting tidbits of things about Raven and Connor - noteably over this ghoul Moonshin. And then Kwon even jumped on the bandwagon of having a primogen for the gangrel. Obviously Kwon just doesn't understand, but I have a feeling where he's getting these notions from. I think its very important that we don't encourage any of this. There was an argument between Kwon and Raven recently, where Raven was browbeating Kwon about something. Michael stepped in to solve the dispute, I think I told him I disagreed with any kind of involvement with what is obviously an inclan dispute. Subella, my apologies if this offends you in anyway, but Raven definitely seems to have an inflated view of where the gangrel and where she stands in the camarilla scheme of things. The sad thing is, I'm thinking there's a good percentage of uneducated Kindred that might also be swayed to this way of thinking. Arkady has been extremely tolerant of gangrel in the city (for obvious reasons) but that tolerance is only going to extend so far if they begin to impose upon his generosity and clan affiliations to press for more political activism. Something that should be headed off and corrected before it gets way out of control.


Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Much seemed to get blanched over last night. I have a few points of concern, but we'll start on a good note.

Eva Jentre has apparently been experiencing some problems in gaining sustenance. She was upstairs at the Trainwreck Saloon the other night when I noticed her - and practically everyone else did, too, sitting there, looking hungrily at little Mari. I do not know what it is about Mari, but I admit feeling quite a bit of pity for the girl. For some reason, the girl had been bleeding. I am uncertain what began the process, but I know that it did catch Eva's attention. She showed remarkable control, though what Beast was inside her had to of been gnawing at her insides. Kennis Cooper was attempting to give aid to the Rose and has asked her if she could hunt. Eva, obviously realizing her limitations declined saying that she would be unable. I offered her a drink or two of my own vitae, knowing that she would not take it just in case she believed her hunger was that bad. In the end, I told her and Ms Cooper that I would go hunt for her, hopefully bringing something back, in a place where she could be stabilized.

This brings me to my point of concern: we have a Sabbat problem - more to the point, a Lasombra problem. Walking down through the collection of clubs and establishments comprising "the Rack" of St Louis, I had solid black arms of shadow grab me from behind and jerk me into an alleyway. The strength was unbelievable! I was thrashed about, slammed into the exterior walls of the buildings making the alley. I looked through the use of one of my disciplines and noticed something. I do not know what it was. It looked a demon. I struggled, seemingly to no avail, and then it let me go.

I ask you now, why was I not warned of this? If it had only been me, then I could understand, but Chris Pratt said the same thing had happened to him a week ago. This is atrocious. I have met the sheriff, yet Trog has mentioned nothing. I don't blame the Sheriff for not single-handedly wiping the Sabbat from the face of the earth, or even the city, but responsibility to one's duties would be appropriate - I think. Please let those you know understand about "our" Sabbat problem.

Subella du Boulle
By the way, I have absolutely know custody or responsibility for Raymond, nor do I know where he is. Trog only asked my help in his questioning. With Sam's Smith's death, I'm wondering if the questioning is even going to happen. Maybe its just clean-up time.

Also, so we're clear on the Moonshine situation. Quite a few people have expressed interest in the girl - Michael Dumont, Raven (whatever her last name is now), Seth Cruz, and even Dr Creed. I'm not sure if its reached the point of something to fight over, but it is interesting that Raven made such a scene about it, demanding the Mr. Cruz (and everyone else) back off the girl. Even though Raven has no real rights whatsoever, she's convinced that her surrogate sire, Connor, will take the girl by Proxy, maybe like he's getting Raven a pet. Its not even clear whether Connor even knows Moonshine. It is disturbing that Raven is willing to make such a big deal, practically throwing down the gauntlet as if its her versus the Camarilla over some chit. Not wise, she could perhaps take a lesson about what happens when you throw down the gauntlet from Sam Smith.

I did get the full story of what happened in the sewers from Maddox, who described Arkady as going into the sewers, with him and Bolt following behind. Some conversation between Arkady and Sam occurred, though Sam wasn't budging on his stance of non-support, which I guess its ironic that the Nosferatu didn't support Sam's non supporting, and all this nonsupporting ends up with someone dead - Sam Smith. What a waste.


In tonightes news.

Raven staked Raymond and handed him over to Trog. I beleive now he is in the custody of Ms Chase and Trog for questioning.

Cortez was staked for intrudeing upon Eva's personal domain. Although Ive been told that he's somehow escaped and gone missing

Mr Smith aka Munch has been excuted by Bolt and Arkady for being a danger to the Cam and being an anarch. The clan is deeply saddened by their loose.

Covers things on my end for the night

Dr Vincent Creed

Monday, July 29, 2002

Sam Smith ((Munch)): -.5 for withdrawing support for Arkady Filitov - anarch

Mel Duchesne: +.5 continuing to improve clan's standing by adequately performing primogen duties (present at court)

Kay Croft: +.5 for acquiring official Domain

Kennis Cooper: +.5 for assistance with the Scopullus/Raymond ordeal, deputy (?)

Michael Dumont: +.5 for redeeming himself *somewhat* by volunteering a new elysium

Eva Jentre: -.5 for stabbing Avery repeatedly to defend her "honor" because Avery told others she'd propositioned(?) him for sex, plus circulating rumors about her character.

Avery: +.0 bears mentioning that he's doing better with his social skills, any gains would have to be negated because a Toreador kicked his ass.

Considering Raymond's questionable loyalties and lineage, one would wonder, then, who might oppose Scopullus, the Brujah or Ventrue - if either?
Personally, I believe that his behaving this out of sorts has gone on too long for it to get this far. Someone should have stepped in by now and at least determined what he is - then figure a more proper way to discipline. It further stands to reason that as he has seemed to offend a clan, most notably by offenses against that clan's primogen, that the Primogen should have taken more immediate steps. If punishment is not swift and extreme, it does not bode well for the Nosferatu.
Marlo, if the songstress does not perform well enough on a stage, you may consider having her proposition gentleman callers on the streets. Her temperament seemed fitting. Avarice is unbecoming.

Subella du Boulle
Just a quick note. Scopullus has finally decided to push for the bloodhunt of Raymond.

Dr Vincent Creed

Sunday, July 28, 2002

Well maybe it was because they were Malks that the matter isn't that much of a big deal. Ehhh you never know.

I didn't appericate Mr Smith's comments mind you. I do not recall seeing him hanging upside down and being tossed around like a rag doll at Dario's rave. And I do remeber him assiting in taking down the setite stalker. However since Raymond isn't blood hunted then theres really not alot we can do. I mean Ive told others what Trog wants but they are in no way obligated to act. I called Trog, he wasn't there sooo what am I supposed to do. I asked him to stay and talk with the Prince but he just walked out. Mr Smith did nothing to stop him. You'd think that if someone were hunting your clan down you'd take the time to in the very least find out what the man looks like. Granted it's not like you and I were the only ones in the room. I mean the Prince was there Bolt was there, Bolt let the man walk right out and he's the supposed Primogen for the man. I say supposed since Raymond has made claims of being things other than Brujah.

Hmmm but challenging the Prince's right to rule over this. Intresting development. I don't see him living long to make it worth his while.I dont see him having the power to take down Arkady, nor do I honestly see him having the support needed to stop anyone from taking him out if he does take down the current Prince.

Onto something thats not all that serious. Avery was stabed by Eva. Well she calls it an duel over her besmirched honor but Im amused all the same. All because either A. Avery turned her down for sex or B. He's lieing. Granted if he were lieing I don't know why she'd make a big deal about it. So I'm more inclined to lean towards A rather than B. I still think he should have fucked her. Then at least when he was stabbed for telling everyone he could also comment on how good in bed ... or on a pool table she was. Which would have made the rumor all the more intresting. Not that anyone really cared about it in the first place. Although I think stabbing Avery was probally the worst thing to do. I'm sure this event will only prompt him to tell more people about the "rumor" as opposed to merely being quite and letting it die out like all rumors do. Oh well, can't fault her if she wishes to keep it alive.

Just one last peice of business Raymond does owe Scopullus a life boon.

Dr Vincent Creed
Regardless of our own personal feelings of Maddox and the Malkavian antics, I've heard very few comments of detraction about it from anyone. Most people I've hinted to to make a comment have declined to say anything at all, which suggests that they're not willing to point any fingers of doom at the Malkavian table. Just an aside, or a continuation of the current topic.

Now, onto others.

Apparently Sam Smith totally went off the deep end at the trainwreck tonight. He was angered by the lack of action of a group of kindred in the trainwreck when Ray (the one wanted by Trog for questioning) came and went and *gasp* nobody jumped him. Arkady was even there, but it all happened so quickly, I'm not sure he even noticed. Sam threw an absolute fit and accused us all of doing nothing to protect them from this obvious camarilla threat. Okay, Raymond's creepy, but I'm not quite sure he qualifies as anathema at this point. Besides Trog wants him for questioning, he's not bloodhunted. What the hell are we supposed to do?

Then it got even worse, Sam later called Arkady with more complaining about how bad the nosferatu are treated and that he will know longer support or respect the current regime - can you say "anarch"

Meanwhile, I don't know what the hell scopullus is doing? Just sitting around with this would-be murderer, hanging out, then turning around and expecting Arkady to deal with it. That's bullshit, he's the primogen, he has status, its his word over Raymonds and if he wants something done, then its his job to determine a punishment or even petition the prince for a bloodhunt. If the primogen aren't going to help with the decision making process and lay everything at Arkady's feet, then we don't need primogen at all. Scopullus could demand a boon, a bond, a public whipping and even a blood hunt, but he does nothing. And the rest of us get flack because we didn't do Trog's job. Kiss my ass.

Rant over.
and out.