Friday, August 09, 2002

Something odd is indeed going on in the park. The lupines vacated the premises in a hurry. Dr Creed, you asked why I could speak of meeting them so casually? I had a contact among them. How do you think I obtained Saigor's things? They left with a quickness, and with fear. I ask you - what could spread such fear in a pack of werewolves?

Arkady already knows of this and has for a couple of weeks. Considering that the place is still not "safe," it would be inadvisable to allow everyone this information. Additionally, as far as I know, the place is still technically off-limits.

Subella du Boulle

Thursday, August 08, 2002

Not that throwing people into the river is proper behavior but Jayson was just throwing this way out of porption. Now mind you it was wrong but it wasnt as big of a crime as he makes it out to be. Oh well.

Something funky is going on in the park. Im told the lupines have vaccated it. No reason yet given on why.

And Jon says his building is completed and ready. I guess his club will soon be opening up.

Dr Vincent Creed

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

As long as ghouls are kept in check and pose no danger to our Masquerade, then I care not for who owns them.

That said, I believe Ms Hawkley should be informed in regards to the devil-may-care attitude that her childe maintains. She, as Seneschal, is immune to a lot of issues in regards to status. However, I would think that an unruly childe, with little regard toward others - I'm quite sure that Mr Rilux maintains a great deal more status than Bukowski, personally, could be a nuisance to Sire and Clan at the very least. No one would wish harm to the Ventrue, always a clan of strength and honor, so perhaps childer that may represent less than traditional standards should be reigned in - at least until they're taught better.

Kwon has not been recognized officially as Camarilla. This is in part due to his difficulty in expressing himself - what was the phrase I've heard several Americans speak,"Speak the language or get out!?!" (thankfully, I have a fairly good grasp of this country's Native tongue). Then there is a seeming reluctance on the part of our Prince to give him much in the way of recognition, but who can blame Filitov? If beings such as Raven come stumbling into town, then it should be no wonder at Filitov's reluctance to bring in non-sectarian new blood.

I, for one, have no problem with Jon receiving a push toward the Keeper of Elysium position. He's never demonstrated less than sensible behavior - at least in front of me - visibly. The aforementioned unruly and unwise should be reminded of the importance of Elysium as well as the severity for disturbing its sanctity with issues of violence.

Subella du Boulle

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Also, just an FYI, nothing too important. The ghoul I retained, known as Faust, has been transferred to Izzy White, as per the primogen's request. Wasn't my idea, so I don't want to hear any crap about passing off responsibility, in truth, I had little choice in the matter.

That whole situation in the trainwreck salon made my head hurt. The funny thing is, like with the situation between Avery and Eva, probably not much of a big deal would have been made about it, if Jayson hadn't made it such a big deal with his threats of retribution and paybacks. Now, he's in a situation where he's lost face, and can't do a whole lot about it unless he wants to raise the ire of Bukowski's sire and the Seneschal, Elena Hawkley. And whether Bukowski's actions were motivated or just or just plain silly, Jayson certainly did his part to make a huge issue out of what probably would have been nothing at all. In fact, we wouldn't have even known it was Jayson that went for a swim if Jayson hadn't confessed to it. That being said, as Bukowski is an unreleased childer, the only way it can be addressed is through his sire and the Brujah in general, and out of harpy jurisdiction, at least for the time being.

Kwon, also as an independent is out of harpy jurisdiction, though certainly we can address some of the problems with others. For instance, Kwon's word being a little suspect, as he has no status. As for his place within the city and within society, I have no idea, don't have all the answers to be sure.

Another point of interest, since Mr. Dumont and Ms. Jentre went to Paris, we're back to Elysium issues, perhaps Jon of the Nosferatu has a chance, after all.


Dr Creed, you seemed rather upbeat in your last post, moreso than I care to be at this point in time.

It is good to know that Bukowski caught on to this person being Tzimisce. How he did so is quite beyond me. Apparently this faux Kennis had fooled a few, at least cursorily. I commend Bukowski on his vigilance in this situation. I must condemn him, however, in his actions near the Riverfront. This has nothing to do with the fact that the incident involved one of my clanmates. I simply think he used extremely poor judgement. I would not expect a great many mortals to walk about, tossing each other into bodies of water, at least not ones so filthy. I wonder what problems could be created if these actions were observed by or reported to local authorities.

Kwon. He opens his mouth entirely too often. I have done what I can to advise him, but I believe it may take someone shutting it for him before he truly learns his lesson. I would have hoped that he learned from Bukowski, but, perhaps, he was not instructed harshly enough. No matter, if he does not listen, then I, nor others, cannot help him. One learns best through experience.

Jayson I think should have been a bit less brazen when speaking of Bukowski. He should have gone before Ms Hawkley if he was that angry with Bukowski. I do think his not-quite-veiled threats to be in extremely poor taste.

Subella du Boulle

Monday, August 05, 2002

The person turned out to be a Tzm. Very good of Bukowski to catch on. Although since Trogs interrogations invole him staking someone and then you domanating them Id have to wonder why that would impress you. How many captives has he lost so far anyway?

At any rate does anyone have much on Mayhem anyway. Im wondering if her darts is just her way of annoying people or if there is some real cause to worry. I went outside to search for her last night but didnt see her. But she shot Arkady with a dart so she was out there all the same. Since there seems to be a third dart Ive called Trog and asked to see the body of his latest guest.

Why was Trog out on the east side staking vampires anyway. I didnt think we had much influence or reason to be over there anyway. Does the princes domain extend into East St Louis as well? Just curious I suppose

And what is up with Kwon? I swear, the man should really just pratice the fine art of shuting the fuck up. What he does say doesnt make much sense and he seems to be daft. He just stands there and nods and says he's sorry for shit he doesnt even understand or have any clue why he should be sorry about. And attempts to educate him on the matter, or english for that fact, appear to fail. I'm surprised his information was enough to convince Trog to go out onto the East side to stake a vampire. Maybe he was leaving important details out of his story but over all... the only thing I see that the vampire in question did wrong was speak to Kwon in the first place. He's like a magnet for voilence. I can see why Buk tossed him into the mighty river.

Speaking of people tossed into rivers, why was Jayson so adement about seeing Buk punished for what he did. It was an honest mistake. I mean if he had known that was Jayson Im sure he wouldnt of thrown him in... well .... mostly sure. I dont see any reason to create a fuss over something so simple and so minor. Other than hurt pride of course, but even that has it's limits as certain Torries have shown.

My clan mate Seung wishes to become a harpy as well. She wishes to be our broad sword. The mega bitch of the group. I explained to her why we work as sublty as we do but still she has expressed a desire to pursue that postion. Thought I might bring it up for debate though

Hmmmm one last thing I suppose, Eva has left for Paris. I think she took Micheal with her and Cenyc. Im not sure.

Dr Vincent Creed

Sunday, August 04, 2002

I hold no sympathy for Raven, nor should any other. She chose her lot and drew it too quickly. Many in the city will be the better without her false claims to authority and leadership. The Gangrel certainly will.

Subella du Boulle