Friday, August 16, 2002

A word to the wise, don't go on the East Side.

Fear Lupines? No. Fear Sabbat? No. Fear idiocy. I suppose it was my own idoicy that caused me to listen and go over that way. The more youthful members of my clan need some sort of leadership. It pains me that Prince Filitov is so often too busy with matters of sect to be able to guide and direct the more youthful members of the clan. I fear that they do not hold the Camarilla in the regard that they need to because of simple lack of direction. Raven has tossed about to me the idea of a Gangrel Primogen. I shall assume that she has mentioned that to Filitov as well, for the poor thing cannot express herself with an ounce of tact to save her life. It is a good idea, however. Responsibility would be my only concern. A whelp need not take so lofty a position - that does make me sound greedy, however, which I am not. I am not too favorable on the idea of ruling anyone to any degree.

Eva showed herself on the East Side, too. It is not that she should not have the freedom to do so, but I question her wisdom in doing so even moreso than my own. She came upon us at a very interesting time.

I must admit to being caught off guard by Raven telling me that she claimed East St Louis as her own Domain. Prince Raven? I truly wish Arkady would consider taking more of a proactive role within the clan. This could be seen as a challenge, however, and poor Raven could meet her demise.

Demise. Eva Jentre almost met hers. She fought with Connor. Apparently, she was struck most harshly. Connor lost a hand out of the deal. Connor is not the most intellectual Kindred I have ever met, but I do not see him attacking Jentre without cause. Arkady has mentioned her skills in combat - and severing a Gangrel's hand speaks of skill.

Oh....what next?

Subella du Boulle

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Many deserve kudos for last evening. The Sabbat seem intent on surprising the lot of us with freakish creations. I would be amazed to see what could top last evening's monstrosity, however. Apparently, the thing had attacked before, though much smaller, unless that was an entirely separate being. Jon, myself, Blake, Preston, and several others scouted the riverfront. I daresay that we were not expecting to encounter the behemoth. Those above, I would commend. There were others there, but a few sprinted away as soon as the beast came from the water, not trying to feel it out for weaknesses. I saw my death in those many features and fleshy tendrils. Luckily, it was just a reflection.

I saw Preston, who faired even less than I did, but I was happy to see him at the Elysium when we regrouped. He did well by us even in surviving. I hope the Toreador recognize that. In saying this, there was one who fell before the beast. A Toreador of a grievously disrespectful nature, who attempted to shift responsibility from herself before the fight by stating that she was just a Toreador. The Court of Parisian Toreador would have her called clanless for such a belittling statement. When I attempted to have her - Zoe - grow a backbone before any conflict might develop (a young Kindred named Layla had some sort of premonition - thank you, Layla), she merely told me to "shut the fuck up!" I was severely disappointed in her behavior, and she should gain some recognition of her place in this city's Kindred.

Dr Creed, we thank you for your assistance in the blood magicks that you perform. Without your expertise, many more of us might have already met Final Death.

Ms Chase, I congratulate you on uncompromising bravery. This can only be given secondarily in complement to your skills of leadership. They are appreciated greatly even if it may not always seem so. You are truly an asset to our Camarilla.

Subella du Boulle
One last update .... word in ... Archons are on their way. We just have to hold out a few more days. A justicar or two may even make an apperance

Lt Vincent Creed
Update from the front ....

Spordiac fighting all over the place it seems. Perioa fell, as expected but we are holding out. Sabbat incursions into the city have been stoped for the most part.

Tonight we stoped a 30 foot tall ... sabbat ... building.... thingie... fuck ... I dont know what it was but it was ass ugly... fugly ..defantly fuggly. People of note for this combat scene. Jonathen for donating the moltivaes and his car to the cause. We owe you a new one man. Layla new tremere in town, suggested we use Jonathens car, and not mine .... Marlo for leading the fugly back to the ambush.
Xaiver for the nifty genshi action dispoal. Thats all I can think of for now

Securty however has been comrpised. Niminy as I discovered is sabbat. She disappeared while the teams were going out so everyone needs to be on the gaurd. She shares bonds with the following So we must be on the alert for these known members.

Finaly I have one death to report. Izzy White, primogen for the Malkavians died last night in a firestorm in the sewers. She will be missed.

More news as I get it.

Lt Vincent Creed

Sunday, August 11, 2002

Lets see lets see. Chain of command is as follows Arkady ... then Trog ... then Bolt. Jon is now the defacto Keeper and as such his club is the new Elyusim. Arkady expects him to be treated with the respect that postion commands. The following information is not to be given to unkown kindred. For the most part Id assume that if they have not been recongized by the Prince consider them an unknown.

The wreck is offical off limits. As per Arkady's orders. He does not want any of us traveling to well known spots.

Anyone who wishes to partake in the combat to follow are to meet at the Wax muesem about two blocks down from where the wreck is.

Jon's club is the new safe house. Anyone not wishing to be involed in combat but still inclined to venture out should go there. Once ag ain no unknown kindred is to know about this. Even if they are family. It is very important that security not be comprised so be careful when going to and leaveing the club.

We also have three confirmed sabbat in the city. They attacked and killed a clans mate of mine. If you see them alert the proper authorites. We are not to engage them unless numbers are on your side.

Other than that there is nothing else to report. Once again this information is not to be passed on to unkowns. Id safely assume that anyone not recongized already is an unknown.

Dr Vincent Creed