Saturday, August 24, 2002

I am also inclined to aggree with Blake, Subella. You may be giving Eva too much credit. Blood Boon--Major Boon, you ask me, Blood Boon is worse. Of course, I am a Tremere and we have our ways of enforcing such boons. Not to deter from the subject at hand though, there may be no quarrel with Eva. However that does not mean we are to ignore her not-so-fantastic-social-presentations. One of the pros to being a harpy is the ability to give and take status from our contemporaries. What is the point of status if somebody, anybody for that matter can breech prestation and not suffer consequences? I'm not one to patronize, but those we favor have status, those we do not, don't have as much. Individuals with lower status do not beckon those with higher status to do their bidding, nor do they speak rudely or out of turn when in their presence, and most certainly should they not under any circumstances, try and circumvent the negative effects of their actions. That said, Eva Jentre has done all of the above, at least once, and wants to lay claim to the prestige position of Primogen for clan Toreador--A clan noted for it's etiquette and ability in Elysium? Maybe it's just me, but I have yet to see where Ms. Jentre has proven she knows how to behave and act like a Toreador who does want whats best for the clan, let alone comming along as Primogen material.

To answer your question Blake, yes, she is definately out for the position. Ms. Jentre has also informed me that Mel is the contender for Toreador Primogen. What do we currently know about Mel? It would also appear that she wants Michael to join our ranks, an apparent attempt to fill Warren Hunt's previous position, or so she said to me. However, I think it may have something to do with a personal relationship shared between her and Michael.

On too other matters. It has come to my attention that there are several cainites within the city who are uncertain what can gain them status and what can remove status. Some thing's I've been considering... it may seem petty, but keep in mind, they're just suggestions, and harpies are known for being petty if nothing else. As a side note, it would put more influence directly in our hands. Again, just suggestions.

1) Prestation debts and boons
2) Etiquette (Included but not limited to particularly witty, humorous, or effective comments and retorts)
3) Style (or lack thereof)
4) Special events or occasions (hosted or attended)
5) Special circumstances that we as the Harpies of St. Louis deem worthy of recognition. (Again, including but not limited too defense of the traditions, breeches of the traditions, strengthening of influence that assists the Camarilla as a whole, positions and titles within the city, or odd quirks of note.) Such as, Preston... Yes, he is adorable... and he's the only Toreador capable of wearing a Mullet. Kudos to him.

That's all from this end.

I think you give Eva entirely too much credit, Subella. She may have aspirations to lead her clan, I dont know that for a fact, judging from her actions I dont believe she's out to get Clan Toreador out of their current state. But rather to assist herself first and her clan second. She may think she is going to gain the position of Primogen, I don't know, but one thing we need to make sure to remind her is that she is not in the position yet, and does not have the status that comes along with it. Such is the responsibilty of a harpy. I spoke with her last night, and it was enough to affirm my theory. But, as I said to her, I dont intend on interfering with her, she seems to do just fine making a mess of things for herself.

Regarding the slain Tremere, I think that should serve as a reminder that East St. Louis is not Filitov territory, and to tread lightly when thinking of venturing across the river. But the wrong has been made right, and thus my oppinion on the matter ends with that.

I was wondering as well, Seung, what was to become of Raven's childe Brock. As far as I know no one has taken up accounting for him as of yet. But then again, he was sired as by an anarch, and may just have to suffer through it. Whatever Filitov decides for him is only up to speculation at the moment.

Blake Maloy
Let us begin with Eva Jentre, shall we? She's been such a topic of conversation lately that I would be incredibly remiss if I did not mention something. Eva is currently in my good graces. She does not owe me a Major Boon - it is in fact a Blood Boon. We will watch her, and, so long as she behaves herself and does not attempt to harm any among us, then we will allow her to attempt to strengthen Clan Toreador from its current abyssmal setting.

I spoke with Dr. Creed about the Gangrel. The Anarchs procured him after he slew Layla of Tremere. The Anarchs staked him, and he was given final death. Dr. Creed decided upon this death. So long as this was done either in East St Louis or with the direct permission of Arkady Filitov, then this should not be a bother. I would hate for just anyone, Primogen or higher - or anyone else that gained such lofty expectations as to become drunk with power - to believe that they had the Right of Destruction granted to them. I lament for Layla's loss. She was quite eager to please and was prepared to be a good source of information.

I advise you both to be careful when receiving information.

Eva is back in my good graces, but Seth Cruz and Dominique de Wildt certainly are not. Nothing they have done violates Tradition, but they have proven themselves quite cowardly. Again, I urge you both NOT to go off alone with them - or those they strongly associate with.

Subella du Boulle

The first thing I would like to have noted, thank you to those responsible for putting me in the position I am currently in. Ms. Du Boille, I hope that I can showcase my talents in a way most pleasing. Having said that, I am not so much a dreamer as I am an actor. I will do my best to live up to the expectations set forth for me.

Some things I'd like to note:

No disrespect intended, but perhaps Raven's (bless her soul) final death is a good thing as far as safety and the masquerade is concerned. However, what is to become of Brock?

Despite the agreement made between Eva Jentre, Subella and myself, Eva is _STILL_ hamstringing herself as far as her status goes. It's one thing to breech etiquette behind closed doors when it concerns someone that you're familiar with, but it's another matter entirely to do so in public. Especially when one considers Ms. Jentre owes Subella a major boon and myself a moderate boon. I fear that until she learns proper etiquette and proper respect for those with status above and below her, Eva will remain in a position doomed for failure. To think she wants a Toreador to join our ranks, why? to make her look even worse?

Marlo Chase it appeared, was in an especially good mood last night. She went so far as to state it's odd to see all of the drama going on around her but not be a part of it. Perhaps she misses us already. Congrats on her promotion. She will serve as Seneschal well.

And one more for the road, Layla, the apprentice's last name eludes me at the moment, has apparently gotten herself into a physical fisticuff with one of the city's Gangrel. And I quote Ms. Jentre on this, "Psychotic Tremere Hating Gangrel". It's odd how she recieved the phone call is it not? All I can say is, God help her if she's starting trouble between the Tremere and Gangrel as a feeble attempt to get back at Subella and myself for quite literally, putting her in that proverbial place of hers. In any event, I shall make inquiries to Dr. Creed on the matter and see what he knows. Perhaps you should also inquire around Subella?

That's all from this end.

Seung Li

Friday, August 23, 2002

Raven was a loss, but she was lost long before she went Anarch. She repeatedly angered myself and Arkady. She even tried to have me ousted from the clan. Her days, in fact, I believed to have been numbered. My concern as far as she goes, was primarily for ones such as Connor, whose desire it was to turn her around and keep her from totally going down the wron path - to not much success. She simply took his friendship as one willing to follow her - perhaps into oblivion.

Eva Jentre would not have been quite the bother to me, except, for everyone's sake, including her own, I had asked that she not venture to East St Louis and not get into any conflict with Raven. I wanted no part of such a conflict, and I felt that I would be inevitably drawn down into it. An agreement was struck, and I said that I would offer what assistance could be made. She wished to help her clan get on its feet. I saw no problem with this, and, I would like for the Toreador to be beyond the petty concerns that they have been of late.
It is quite the shame, then, that it was more important to draw pitiful Raven over to Arkady's Domain, violating the Tradition on Raven's part, but also violating it on their own. They had no right to invite an exiled Kindred into a Domain that was not theirs. They went through all of this stress - to the point of offering up a faux recruitment drive for the Anarchs in order to kill Raven.

I am supremely angry with Eva on my own part because now, I can no longer trust her. She openly lied to me on an agreement which I had hoped would lead to the continued safety of two Kindred, one with potential and one that would likely cause her own destruction.

Now, one is destroyed, and the potential the other has is minimal at best.

Clan Toreador, be careful. This one ha lofty aspirations. Do you want one such as she to lead you?

Subella du Boulle
Let this be an urgent reminder to all around - should Eva or Seth invite you out somewhere, then please be especially careful around them. The next Tradition that they violate may be one of Destruction.
First and foremost, I'd like to thank you Subella. I can only hope to follow in your footsteps as well as those of Marlo, and Dr. Creed.

On to last nights business. Raven has met her final death. From what I've heard Seth Cruz, of clan Ventrue, was the one who killed her, with the help of Eva Jentre and Dominique de Wildt. hough I seriously doubt any punishment for these three, seeing Raven was exciled by the prince under threat of final death. Apparently there was some sort of setup, involving an anarch uprise, but details are still unclear as to what was involved in it. I will be sure to pass along more news as I recieve it.

Her childe Brock is now left without a sire. From what Brock told me prior to Raven's death, this isnt much of a loss at all. But it does bring up an issue I'd like to address. We have two childer without their sires, Bukowski of my clan, and now Brock of clan Gangrel. I havent been in town for too long, but is it common practice here to just up and leave your childer only weeks after embracing them? Such poor ettiquette. But from what Brock told me, even before Raven died she wasn't teaching him all that much. A Childe embracing a childe? Come on now, perhaps Prince Filitov needs to crack down harder on creation rites. I'd hate to think what two untutored childer running around could do to the safety of the masquerade. I should note here that Marlo Chase is now taking up accounting for Bukowski, but Brock has no one claiming such a thing as of yet.

If you were close to Raven, Subella, due to clan ties, Im sorry for your loss. But, from what I understand no one on the Camarilla side will be missing her much.

Now I'd like to bring up Eva Jentre yet again. From all my encounters with her, she has been rude to those with status above and below her. I really dont think she's in any position to be snide to you, or anyone for that matter. Maybe I'll have a talk with her and see just who she thinks she is.

One other thing. What the hell was going on with that Tremere last night, Layla? Running around with Evil Tupperware? How silly. And then somehow managing to get you so upset.

Blake Maloy

Thursday, August 22, 2002

So, I've procrastinated and puzzled over the status adjustments because they're a little trickier for now, though Marlo is no longer a harpy, I felt it best if an ST did the management of the final "weekly" status adjustments. While the last couple weeks have been a rollercoaster ride, with all kinds of crazyness and not a lot of social play, that also makes it a little difficult to make adjustments, but I do want to give some kudos to those that put for the effort during the seige. Keep in mind, that status is also something like resources, its much easier to go from status 1 to 2, than it is to go from 4 to 5, that being said, if you didn't make the list, chances are your character was already high enough that seige time efforts weren't going to affect you that much. So onto the list.

The following recieve .5 bonus for efforts made during the war. (and non judgementally using the words "efforts" - I'm not really interested in who did what or who good, it was after all a team effort)


Anarchs Receiving Reputation for Wartime Efforts

Cristiano +.5
Idola +.5

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

There is not much to speak of in the news today - in regards to anyone BUT the Toreador.

Sufficed to say, there was a very long, drawn out Primogen Council. That is not totally fair to say because it was a very needed Primogen Council. Many of the members were new, including Dr. Creed. Congratulations, Dr. Creed.

Quick notes, East Side is Anarch Territoy. I hope everyone sees how much that benefits us.

Kennis Cooper has been slated for Execution. The Toreador walks quietly into that good night. The others should be happy that a bigger deal was not made about this. I hope, however cruel this sounds, that she does experience a rather painful and excruciating final death. Sorry, Bolt, but your beloved wished murder upon us all, despite anything that might come out of a fearing mouth.

Mel Duchesne made her customary, "monthly" jaunt into the arena of that which is called leadership. I have never before known of one that had such clout as to be called Primogen, yet hid herself away like a hermit - only to come out to feed or, like other predators, when her position in the chain seems thereatened. Your appearances should come more and more now, as it seems you have enemies at the gate.

Michael Dumont - praise be that you've begun to act like a good boy. Maybe there's hope for you yet. We'll keep an eye out.

Eva jentre - you are very interested in my thinking that you wish good upon your fellows. I can wish upon a star or daydream my life away. Show me. Show us.

Preston - aren't you adorable.

Zoe - I wonder if a lesson or two from an Elder means a thing. I wonder that you'd ever wish to be on my good side. You would need to be to make up for your foolishness. Vulgar argot and contempt for others that find you less than humorous do not a status-happy vampie make.

Lastly, Trog. I hope that he will take his medicine without making a face. I hope that the medicine is fitting and done with grace. If we let the Malkavians flog him at the next Court - frightenin thought - what would they lash him with?

Subella du Boulle

Monday, August 19, 2002

Just a note, though I do believe I've spoken to everyone individually...I will no longer be posting to this forum or involving myself in the day-to-day rumors and status mongering, as a promotion to seneschal makes this a conflict of interest. I will however, continue to monitor this list (and who knows, maybe even interject things here and there) but its certainly not my primary function. I do believe that Dr. Creed will also be moving up within the ranks which will also exclude him from these little social engagements. Talk of replacements has occurred, and we will all be welcoming Blake and Seung to the list as soon as Subella contacts them and gives them the run-down.

As far as political discussion regarding the fate of the East Side (and Prince Raven) that's going to a council session. I'll be sure to keep everyone informed as I still see that as my sacred duty even with this new and shiney title.