Saturday, August 31, 2002

Ahh Subella, not to undermine credit where credit is due, I am pressured to do one thing, and that is to make a suitable replacement for Dr. Creed as Primogen for my clan. Though I may no longer be an active Harpy so to speak, my tongue shall remain as sharp as it has always been. I have no intentions of leaving the city, so to the best of my knowledge, I shall remain with you, even if catching gossip is no longer my primary concern. Take that as you will, though know I hold your thoughts in high regard.

I have had the opportunity to be graced by Michael's presence. A stunning individual, I have been impressed... Impressed enough to say that I would like to see a Toreador sitting at your table and that of the Toreador, Michael Dumont would definately be my choice. Mr. Maloy however did not seem as enthused as I did. I assured Mr. Dumont that he has my blessings and that I wish him the best of luck, assuming of course, you elect to have him at your table. That said, I have had the opportunity to do what it was I wished to do, so I need not say more on the subject. It goes without saying, Subella, I know you are fully capable of doing what is best, it's in your hands now.

Speaking of Mr. Maloy, he rudely interrupted Michael and myself while we were speaking to relay your message. Michael informed him that he will be in touch with his phone company to report the lack of service. There should be no ill will there, I informed Blake that he could wait just a few moments while I took care of my business first. To re-affirm the fact, I take responcibility in delaying Michael's responce. However, Blake and I were having a discussion when Eva Jentre decided to insert herself. Blake reprimanded her rather nicely, enough where I had to hide a bit of laughter. Props to him.

And finally, other interesting notes...

Arkady and myself had a rather equisite test of skill. We raced our cars. Had it been a half mile I'd have left him in the dust. As it was we tied at a quarter mile. I await my rematch.

That's it for me, signing off...
Peas Out,
Ms Li, I truly wonder how long I shall have you with us. Will it be a good while, or will pressures cause you to bow out. What? Not sure of what I speak? Talk with me.

Subella du Boulle

Friday, August 30, 2002

Allow me to first extend my condolensces to you, I've been out of town attending to some business holdings of mine. Im sure you both know how time consuming it is to maintain a position for yourself in both the kindred and kine worlds.

Tonight brings me back to Eva. I give her respect for introducing a new rabble to Jayson Rilux, I can give her even more respect for throwing off a decent party. What I refuse to even tolerate is her blatant disrespect. Both of you, however reluctant to admit it have seen her disregard for status first hand, and she has the nerve to call me impolite and then walk out of a private meeting that I arranged to save her face? I offer to help her, yet she throws it back in my face and drags it out into public? I dont know about the two of you, but how much longer can we tolerate such behavior? I've thought about going to Ms. Duschesne regarding her, but what good would that do? She's a ghost that comes around only when he position is being threatened. So I'm back in the same place, stuck with one disrespectful Toreador and even more useless "primogen" incharge of her.

Blake Maloy
Michale proved to be an excellent dancer. The Toreador are excellent at maneuvering. I do not doubt that when one of us inevitably chooses a different profession, that a Toreador will take up that vacated position. Be on your guards.

There will be a few pushes coming soon. We can all guess at one (Roses). I would not be surprised if more came. Oddly, the Gangrel seem the most stable clan, because Arkady does things his way, I do mine, and everyone eeems on the constant edge of ruin. Something to be said for stability.

Subelle du Boulle

Thursday, August 29, 2002

It's been a few nights since I've had anything to post.

1) Subella, I heard you enjoyed a dance with Michael at Eva's gathering. Interesting to say the least. I believe I should meet this fellow sometime soon.
2) Kay is a rather rude and obnoxious individual. She has poor etiquette. Her saving grace however is that she actually made an effort to look me up and appologize for her comments. I'm rather impressed by that.
2) Dr. Creed, or rather, Primogen Creed is apparently neglecting his duties. I've recently had a clan meeting where he was to make it public that he was formally accepted as a member of the primogen council where he felt the need to show up late--and not of the fashionably variety. And just earlier tonight, I took time out of my schedule to let him know that a new member of my clan has arrived in town, and tried to help this new member (Thomas Bremon) out. Apparently though, Dr. Creed was sitting somewhere sipping wine with Ms. Jentre, and felt it necessary to tell me that if it wouldn't take long, Ms. Jentre wouldn't mind the extra company. (How rude!) Then when I said that that might not be such a great idea since it could possibly take some time, he said that his schedule was busy and if the new arrival couldn't take it on his own to contact him, then he didn't need to speak to him. Finally, then he stated that the Tremere are not Ventrue or Toreadors and that as primogen he shouldn't have to contact his clan, they should contact him, especially since they're slow and neglecting their own duties.
A) I thought it was that case for all primogen.
B) Isn't that what I was trying to do?
C) He just arrived from Chicago last night and met with the senior member of the clan (above Dr. Creed). I don't consider that slow by any standards considering it took me three nights to get in touch with him.
Furthermore, he's also, on several occasions felt it necessary to inform me of how to do my job as a harpy. I am perfectly capable of doing so on my own, but thank you for the offer. Threats, clanwise or no, subtle or no, are still threats Dr. Creed. The last I recall, Primogen can still lose status, and Dr. Creed is walking a very fine line with his own.

Peas Out,
Do what you do best and stay with it.

Any confident instructor would give this advice. Know your strengths. The Toreador: Eva, Michale, and Zoe should be commended for the gathering last evening. Ms Jentre has done well. I was impressed. I believe that everyone there was at least somewhat impressed - barring perhaps Marlo. She was quite difficult to read. The place was done up in haste, and the setting seemed additionally a little rushed, but it was th feeling and atmosphere that truly lended to the event. Additionally, those of us present were privy to hear remarkable performances by both Michael Dumont and Zoe - rare grace, I know. Both did behave themselves impeccably, however.

This is a bright spot indeed for Clan Toreador.

Subella du Boulle

Monday, August 26, 2002


Arkady and the Primogen Council that met recently decided to allow the Anarchs to maintain East St Louis as their own. Quite frankly, as the area has been historically a Sabbat-populated area, then it is basically considered that the Anarchs are simply the lesser of two evils. So, they do indeed have rights - at least those granted by this city's Prince and Primogen. They make a suitable buffer, additionally, in case there should be a future Sabbat incursion, as it would likely be from East St Louis where the attacks would be coming from.

Should any of us wish to claim Domain over there, we would speak to their Baron - that or attempt to take that section of the city away from them. As it is, the taking of East St Louis would deprive us of additional opposition to the Sabbat - if not further support for ourselves. The Anarchs are fairly vigilant about the Masquerade from what I understand.

If everyone is so upset in regards to the recent attacks that the Anarchs have supposedly purpetrated upon our kind, then very well. However, if this angers you, then seek to do something about it. If you gain the Prince's permission to hunt them down, then do so. Actually, as Arkady could not do anything about Raven's slaying, since she was not Camarilla, then any slain Anarch should also not become his responsibiity. Granted, should you decide to take this more direct approach to the problem, do not let it become a habit, because if the Camarilla, or Arkady, would catch too much flack from the Anarchs, then I would assume that he would do....something.

Subella du Boulle

Sunday, August 25, 2002

What I am wondering is, who gave the Anarchs any right to claim Domain to begin with. Weather or not their 'turf' is called Domain, the point is still the same. Therefore that means that they're claiming rights they are in no position to claim to begin with unless permission has been granted by Arkady. Even so, by the second tradition, they would still owe him homage if he claimed it. Lets assume for a moment that he did not claim it as part of his own territory. Ok. Now, what's to keep the rest of us from claiming Domain for ourselves? Or for that matter lets assume that I wish to make my havens and their subsiding blocks my Domain, and you Subella would claim your own, and you Blake would claim your own etc. etc. etc. Aside from the obvious problems that would cause information wise, we'd all be a bunch of mini-princes, like the nobility and lords in feudal Europe, which were still granted their position by leave of their king or queen or whatever. The point I am trying to make is, if the Anarchs are not claiming to be part of the Camarilla, and do not wish to acknowledge Arkady as their prince like the rest of us do, then by no means should they be granted 'turf' under any circumstances. Even acknowledging the fact that they have 'turf' is undermining Arkady's own authority and could technically, if anyone wanted to be a bitch about it, be considered a breech of Domain. Having said that, I'm going to leave with a simple thought.

This shit's gone way too far and something needs to be done about it.

Trog is just another reminder as to why the kindred of St. Louis should not venture over to East St. Louis. Im sure Trog had the best intentions going over there, to insure the safety of the Camarilla kindred, who knows. But, the point of the matters is that is not our domain, and as far as Im aware of none of the anarchs are coming into our territory. The Nosferatu are claiming about wanting revenge on Idola, some anarch I presume? That puts the Prince in a tough spot, seeing her did declare East St. Louis their territory. But who would stand for a Sheriff being killed by some rebels? I think the Prince's patience will go only so far regarding this before the anarchs feel the heat of his wrath.

In regards to Eva, Im going to choose to not comment on her anymore. We're all aware of her behavior, and her aspirations. Quite frankly, I dont see that she's worth the concern to all of us. If I do see her stepping out of line, I'll make sure to repremand her.

I think thats all on my end for now, be safe.

Blake Maloy
It has been sometime since I've made a post here. Alot of that is due to the recent siege of our fair city. Dealing with unlife, loose, change can be draining and so much in such a short time is more so. But alas I have finally decided to write my finale post to this list. Or perhaps I've been lazy. Although I would surmise I've been to busy to say that. We'll call it stoic and leave it at that. But I digress.

I've recently returned from Warren's last act for this city before he leaves to go on tour. The man will be missed, as I can say with out a doubt he is exactly what the Torrie needed to help fix thier internal and external problems. I think many will agree that he will be missed, more so by those who worked with him closely like myself and Ms Chase. The benifit was very enjoyable and helped with the mood I currently find myself in. I beleive it raised quite abit of money which will go back into rebuilding this city that we call home. A very good parting gift indeed.

Onto other matters, yes I ordered the gangrels death. The decesion was left to me by those in charge at the scene and occured on the East side, outside our domain. Layla's death as well as Trog's serve as reminders as to why we should not venture over there. The decsion on Caelins life however rested with a few simple facts. First no one could give any viable reason why he should live. Two it was feared he would continue to slaughter tremere and no one was sure if he would stay on the East side. Three by our laws and by their laws the punishment for his crime was death. With Idola's and Jakes blessings I finally came to the conculsion that it would serve the greater good if we excuted him. It's a shame really as I can only imagine Layla was there looking for Conner so that she may inform him of Ravens betrayal. Do not be to harsh on the girl even after death, Raven had her faults but I find had she had proper guidance she would have surpassed them. We should always try to remeber the good about people, especially after death so that their souls may find peace in their rest. Subella please make haste in finding Conner, as I'm sure his wrath will be great indeed upon his return.

Mel is the Torrie primogen. There is no contesting that. Eva seeks the postion yes, but Mel IS the primogen. While many feel she should be more active she has earned the right to come and go as she pleases. She has a powerful hold over her clan that should not be underestimated. And she is a very respectable woman. While her apperances are few they always seem important and she does do a great deal of work when seen. She has also mastered the nack of not making negative news, unlike other Torrie in her clan. As for Eva, I suggest that she is left to her own devices. Murphy's law seems to work doubly so for her and I do not think any of you wish to be attached to her when it kicks in yet again.

In closing, I stress the importance of telling others to stay out of the East side. We have lost two already to that side of the town. We seem to be losing more to Anarchs than we did to Sabbat. Layla's and Trogs deaths are enough in my book. You should, amoung other duties, stress to all new arrivals and old friends, that the East side does not play by our rules and you risk unlife and limb by going over there.

Finally farewell my friends. I'm sure I will see many of you in the coming nights. Do take care of yourselves.

Dr Vincent Creed
How very quick we are to jump toward conclusions. You must realize that while Ms Jentre's (along with Dominique de Wildt and Seth Cruz) actions are less than shining among those stars of Kindred, especially consiering the great leaps some have made over the past several weeks, that they do not violate Tradition. In fact, they benefit Filitov himself. While our Prince may be inclined toward the judicious use of overkill, apparently, that is the way things are more safely done in his estimations.

Primogency among the Toreador.
Yes, this is an interesting situation. The Toreador will soon meet in order to establish a more firm branch of leadership. I know from speaking to Ms Chase that Mel Duchesne definitely has a stranglehold upon the position. This hold only gets tighter when she is challenged. I will say in all fairness, that Ms Jentre does seem confident that she can lay claim to the position. Let us sit back and see. There is no harm to come to us in her gaining the position - simply that we must be careful in speaking of her in public - the truth and nothing but. It shall set you free or bury you.

Mel wishes Michael to join our ranks? Odd, she is not the only one. Watch and wait. Make no pretense of bargaining or attempting to give or appoint such a position to anyone. You must realize that if there were another Harpy placed among us, that the words and influence that each of you have already come to favor will diminish? Let the position of Harpy be the carrot to dangle before Michale to ensure good behavir - that he lacked upon first coming into our city of St Louis.

I agree that we should refrain from going to the East Side, especially if we are not willing to pay the consequences. Death anyone?

As for boons, well, in my case, a blood boon given to me by Eva Jentre, they are of a personal nature. I make the announcement so that it is known and may be passed among the Harpies and those they interact with, that she is beholden to me. Do not go out of your way to anger the woman unless you find her deserving of your ire. Her ambition knows no bounds. She will die because of erro, or she will achieve some modicum of success. Reap the benefits as she does. You must remember that I cannot hold her to anything specific in regards to Raven's death - we all know that Raven was headed for demise. She owes me a boon for breaking her word in something that I deemed very important. In giving me this boon, she attempts to make up for this. We shall see. If she breaks her word again, then I have every intention of digging her hole so deep that no amount of Primogency will allow her to exit. If she keeps her word, then she shows sincerity.Watch.

Watch for Connor Munroe. Should he return, we shall perhaps see another foolish act. I wish to intercept him first, but I make no guarantees.

Be careful.

Subella du Boulle