Saturday, September 07, 2002

Kay +.5 for assistance with Sabbat attacks, acheiving Whip position
Blake +.5 for performing harpy duties excellently
Wilfred +.5 for assistance with Sabbat attacks
Seth +.5 for defending against the Sabbat, being appointed Whip to the Ventrue
Devin -.5 for general bad form in public, and temper tantrums, loss of title (whip)
Michael +.5 performing harpy duties excellently
Jon -.5 failure to perform Keeper duties to the satisfaction of the community
Eva +.5 for not botching her first week as primogen, doing a fair job by all accounts
Scopullus -.5 no one has seen him in weeks (months?)
Subella +.5 gaining domain over the prestigious area of Forest Park, perceived as Head Harpy
I feel this needs saying, and I'll be sure to pass it along to Seung next time I see her. The problem with Eva Jentre was not her behavior per se, but her lack of status to back up her actions. Now that she is the primogen of her clan, she does have the proper backing for her behavior. I should also state that thus far I have been quite pleased with her performance. You're forunate, Michael, to have such a person working for your clan. Kudos to Ms. Jentre, and all of the Toreador in general.

Now let's talk about Kay, shall we? There's no denying the respect she's earned from her formidibible skills in combat. Sure, she may be a little or rude now and then, but she always justifys herself to me afterwoods. Also, Bolt has appointed her as her whip, which I can say suprised me quite a bit. She may have my respect, but she doesn't strike me as one to be interested in the political games of our society. Let us sit back, and watch things unfold with this one.

Blake Maloy

Friday, September 06, 2002

Given the recent uproar of Sabbat activity, I would ask that you, my fellow Harpies, as you keep an ever watchful eye toward the behavior of our members, that you also keep an eye out for the Sabbat. Inform any new arrivals of the dangers these uncouth fools pose. I think it unbelievable that fellow Kindred would dare to assault such open occasions - they would suffer every bit as much as we were the Masquerade to shatter. So, please keep everyone abreast of situations and movements.

Monsieur Dumont, I have earlier received a phone call from a certain Tremere Primogen. She seemed a little put out that one of the Harpies seemed to disregard herself and Dr. Creed so openly yet allow Ms Jentre to flaunt alleged poor behavior. Ms Li did wish you to be alerted that insulting the Tremere clan was not the wisest course of action that you should take. Be careful.

I do wonder, about Seung and Dr. Creed. Seung has so quickly followed on the footsteps of the good doctor in two of his appointed positions. The doctor stands now with little to no status - compared to his once vast amount. He was an able Primogen, and he was quite an apt Harpy. I wonder if there shall be a power struggle? We must do what we can to prevent such a thing, Harpies. We have only recently found the Toreador working together again. We do not need another clan torn asunder.

Subella du Boulle
I'm afraid that I can't really comment on frequency of posting. Perhaps my own eagerness to perform this task suitably has filled the coffers of harpy rumour. Either way, if my frequency is of disturbance please inform me and I can curtail my reports to a more potent post.

As for Connor, I am not entirely certain how acting "Toreador" is to be defined. From my own experience, while there are more than a few of stereotypical origin, there are also an equal number of completely original kindred. In particular, among the neonates, with modern culture newer behaviors and arts are surfacing. All in all, should I encounter this creature, I will inform him of the recent conventions against stereotyping and rascism. I refuse to be identified by a stereotype, that which I know I share with my blood is merely the curse passed on from Caine. Aside from that, we toreador are as diverse as any other clan. If his mind is far too narrow to understand such "radical" and "new" principles, then he is likely unworthy of your interaction in any case, Madamoiselle du Boulle. We cannot deny who we are as people, because our clans are art fags, money obssesed blue bloods, or savages. I refuse to follow such conventions. I congratulate you for your appropriate choice.


Michael Dumont

Thursday, September 05, 2002

We have been posting more than usual have we not?

It seems my clanmate - why do I wish to scoff at that? Certainly not of my being Gangrel, for I am quite proud of that fact. I find it ridiculous that i share blood with one so dishonorable as Connor. He, who would snipe at me for acting as a "Toreador," as he put it would disregard something my clan has always kept with it - our honor. I will not deny my appreciation for the Toreador and their ways, but I must protest the negative language one of my line would use in referrence simply because he disagrees with the way I choose to assist my fellow Gangrel and Kindred alike.

I wash my hands of him and his childe. Do forgive me, fellow Harpies, for going over this rant. I am not in the best of moods, and it is all made worse by foolishnes. My clan's numbers are growing. I have met several wonderful and respectable members already that have arrived recently arrived in St Louis. I am just full of pity for those that it seem will never understand.

In Frustration,
Subella du Boulle
Well, it does appear that we did not rid ourselves of all Sabbat during their recent invasion. I would chalk up this last bit of violence to sour grapes on some parts, and foolish children left behind on others.

Several of our numbers have been quite vigilant over the past week. I believe the good showing that most everyone received at Court has been something of an inspiration - whether any would wish to admit it or not. Several Kindred have stepped up to prove themselves worthy. Worthy? of what? The Camarilla. Often times, many of us forget that the Camarilla is not merely a social club for get-togethers and Elysium courtings. No, it is part of our very existence. By its Traditions, we exist - though some think little of breaking them, we would all truly be remiss without those that follow behind and offer the safety and stability that is our Masquerade.

I'll thank my clanmate, Wilfred, as his name has been mentioned several times in no-less-than-glowing reports and news.

Seth Cruz did seem to do a little to raise his level of import by destroying the Lasombra the other evening. This is somewhat for naught, however, as there was a black shroud present, and the event could not have been healthy for the Masquerade - even though it was triggered by a foolish Lasombra.

Kay Croft. A couple of Kindred that I hold in high regard lauded praise upon her. Yje Brujah woman was described as potent, I do believe, and a "good girl?" I would hesitate before relaying the last, but considering the Kindred who informed me of this, I'll give it as not but a compliment. Keep an eye on this one.

I will bid you both adieu for now as I eagerly await to see the actions taken by our Primogen - when they get around to doing so. Effectiveness of a strong Primogen Council - which one would hope that we now have can know little in the way of bounds.

Subella du Boulle

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

As Mr. Dumont acurately described, the trainwreck has been the center of some heated disputes. The night before last, a sabbat pack attacked several kindred. Three lashed out at Kay Croft of the brujah, but with the assistance of Marlo and Wilfred they managed to destroy the trio. It seems one sabbat did escape, however. As for last night's attack, Im afraid I cant offer much more insight then those outside. After all, I couldnt even see a battle raging infront of me, but yes the keeper met its maker, and the masquerade was preserved.

Just one more thing of note. Marlo Chase will now be taking over primogenship duties of Clan Ventrue, as well as being Seneschal. I doubt that it will affect you any, just wanted to inform you that Jonathan Shrell no longer holds the position of Primogen, and should be treated as such.

As for the anarch Christiano. All I have to say is, did you expect anything else from a rebel?

Blake Maloy

Tuesday, September 03, 2002

The sabbat strike again, at the social center for our unlives. The Trainwreck was viciously attacked last evening at eleven thirty in the evening. Outside the scene when I arrived were Toreador Primogen Eva Jentre, former Primogen Jayson Rilux, and the anarch named Cristiano. Arriving shortly thereafter were the newly appointed Sheriff Chris, as well as the bold gangrel Wilfred. He and I both advanced into the shroud to arrest the escape of the offending lasombra, using only our gifts of intuition to guide us. The rest, under Sheriff Chris formed a rear guard to further retard the escape of the sabbat attackers, and to help keep the masquerade under control. Mr. Rilux, early in the scene used both his van and my car to block off commuter access to the Trainwreck battle. Shortly thereafter, I followed Wilfred into the shroud, and managed to make my way through it's murky blackness to the door of the trainwreck. After arriving and waiting for a few moments, I came to the conclusion that I could do little to no good, blind and deaf near the door, so I proceeded back out to join the rearguard.

After a wait after the wreck, the shroud dissipated and I headed indoors, as Bukowski left. Upon entering, I saw that Seth of the ventrue had felled the attacker... gore and ashes falling from his fangs as myself and the rear guard entered the bulding. Mr. Cruz seemed only mildly bruised, but Derek Linares, the proveyor of the information about the sabbat threat was torpored. As a gesture of the gratitude of Saint Louis, for his assistance with the information I fed him my blood to raise him. Indoors the trainwreck was also Jon, keeper of the elysium, our seneschal Ms. Chase, Blake from our own ranks, who volunteered his services to clear things up with the media. Apparently during the seige, Wilfred was blocking the doors to prevent the attacker from escaping. I'm not entirely sure if that could have led to disaster, but in this case it seemed to do the trick. Mr. Linares comfirmed that it was indeed the lasombra that he had identified in East Saint Louis that attacked him, and I am of the opinion that the target may have been him. Fortunately, the kindred was foolish enough to attack Mr. Linares in the center of our former elysium, thusly granting the city an opportunity to rid ourselves of another sabbat menace.

Special recognition should go out to Mr. Cruz, for destroying the keeper, to Mr. Rilux and Mr. Maloy for their clean up attempts, and to all those kindred who responded to the scene favorably.

Cristiano, I should add as a post scriptum was entirely useless to the situation. Short of being a loud mouthed prig, excelling himself by being louder and more priggish than myself, opted to abandon his friend inside of the wreck. The very friend whom I raised with my own vitae. I'm certain that Mr. Linares will be greatful to his anarch friend, that he is partially bonded to a camarilllian harpy. I imagine that even though my slander of him will make him look like a more popular anarch, if they learn the little tidbit about the abandoned comrade, it might have the same effect as if he were part of our status society. Either way, I thought you all should be apprised of the events of this evening.

- Sincerely,

Michael Dumont
I've just been flipping through the archives, trying to get a flavor for the way the harpies of Saint Louis operate. I am most curious... what the hell does "Peas out" mean? Forgive me for not being familiar with the language of the streets, as I have a social life and have been unable to invest time into learning ebonics, or l33t.. as my lovely ghoul Monique informs me said language may be called. That is my only additional observation.

- Michael
Greetings, my fellow harpies. It is with a light heart, and a welcome smile that I approach my newly appointed task, as that of harpy. I hope to serve the court and kindred of Saint Louis to the best of my abilities. Please understand, that my unique situation within the clan toreador affords me several avenues for achieving information. That being said, there seems to be a hidden Romeo, with a crush on one of the recently appointed primogen. His "love" seems to be boundless, as does his cheque book. Should any of you notice the name, or company of a delivery person when a package should arrive to my own primogen in public, please feel free to record that information and pass it along to me. I fear that this man might harbor ill will, and the last thing that my own clan needs at the moment is the loss of another primogen, no matter of her status. That being said, I heard something quite interesting.

It turns out that the sabbat made another lovely appearence at Lacledes Landing last night. Four of them, and a lovely little pet appeared, and attempted to wreak havoc. Fortunately, Ms. Chase, Wilfred of the gangrel (yet another formidable addition to your clan, Subella), Kay, Eva and the errant Zoe were present to fight them off. Judging by the lack of frightening news reports, I would say that the situation was handled with the most delicate care of the masquerade, and that a salute should be given to that nights victims turned heros.

Speaking of the sabbat, there also seems to be a female Lasombra skulking about on the east side. Provided she isn't gifted with obfuscate, or has contact with a bloody face changer... this is her last known appearence. She's about 5'8 tall, with long black hair, and blue grey eyes. She seemed to be incredibly well dressed, and was adorned with some gaudy jewelery, which apparently seemed real. Kudos to the anarch Derek Linares for this heads up. He appears to be a well spoken individual, this Linares, far better spoken, and aware of the tradition of the Masquerade it would seem than the tremere "whip" Ulrich. The man is far too sloppy with his speech, and even euphemisms. Twice I had to remind him that we were in public, and the third time... I gave up. Needless to say, from the clan of supposed intellect and mystics, this man possesses neither in great quantity. I will speak to Miss Li, as soon as I have the opportunity. In the very location of sabbat scrutiny, his words could have given away the common nature of many of us.


Michael Dumont.

Monday, September 02, 2002

I'll make an addendum to my last post because a few things need said.

I am thankful that Arkady granted my request to hold Domain over the Forest Park. I like the access and freedom I feel therein. This brings up something disturbing, however in my mind. Connor Munroe, whom I spoke with earlier spoke ill of my choice to lead something of an urban unlifestyle - as if living in the woods makes him any more Gangrel than myself.

Anyway, he asked me to meet with him sometime soon in the woods and open terrain. I am not truly trusting of him. He claims to wish to learn about the Camarilla - yet he shrugs off Status and the Traditions. We shall see. If I should go unheard of for several days, seek Connor out.


I am somewhat ashamed that several who have come to St Louis in the recent months would soil the name of my clan by calling themselves Gangrel. Moreoever, some of those that have come, without an ounce of tact or social grace, have attempted to insinuate themselves into the institution of the Camarilla without the foggiest idea of what that means.

Connor Munroe - I will admit having high hopes for this one. He seems to have a knack for chasing the skirts of insolent women, however. First Raven Monaghan, honest waste of undead vitae that she was, tugged at his heartstrings, and now this Casey girl has done so - perhaps doing him in in the process. Connor fails to understand any of our Traditions, yet he walks along the fringe of our collective, and Arkady's personal, Domain. His flighty emotions cause him to disregard that which is important - our laws and Traditions - in favor of, some ideal that he chases.
I personally had heard that he sired another, and I told him in no uncertain terms that he was not to allow this girl into our Domain, and that she was most certainly not to attend Court. She was sired without permission, thereby, another open affront to our Traditions.

I have no doubt that I may seem the proverbial Ice Queen to some. Too bad. If we let anyone run around and sire children whenever they feel like it, or whenever they become lonely, then we risk a very serious threat to our Masquerade and, thereby, to our continued existences.

On to lighter pursuits, Court. Barring the needful mention of Casey's entry, Court was much more a success this time than last. I must add that this may have something to do with the brevity, but I could be wrong.

Congratulations to Eva Jentre and Seung Li, Primogen of the Toreador and Tremere clans respectively. Additionally, we welcome a new sheriff in town - why does saying this give me an American "Old West" feeling? - in the personage of Chris Pratt, Brujah.

Several new Kindred have come to our city, among them several Toreador, Tremere, and Gangrel.

Keep an eye on Ulrich and Wilfred as both have expressed desires to be Depuity to Mr. Pratt.

Lastly, but by no means least, I would like to welcome Michael Dumont to our little coterie of Harpies. I hope you may gift us all with a taste of your style and wit.

Subella du Boulle
I too offered my congratulations to the two new primogen, Im sure they will serve their clan the best way that they can. From what I gathered from Ms. Jentre, Ms. Duchesne was well aware that she was going to be replaced -- atleast when she was in actual contact with her clan some two weeks ago.

On to last night's news. Court was a success, and far more people showed up then I had estimated. The highlight of the evening however was from your clan, Ms. du Boulle. When you introduced the bastard childe, Casey was her name right? Monsters in the dark, come on now, she was just trying to cover up for Connor's mistakes. I must admit the Prince was more leniant then I thought he would, I expected him to have her destroyed right there. She and her sire got off fairly easy in my book.

The prince made sure to remind us that no action was to be taken against the anarchs. And that with the recent vacating of the lupines in the forest park, it was now declared Subella's domain. Relating to that, The Brujah Primogen bolt now has acknowledged domain. Kudos to the both of you.

Blake Maloy

Sunday, September 01, 2002

I'll offer two strong bits of Congratulations to our two new Primogen: Congratulations Ms Li and Congratulations Ms Jentre. The accompanying elevation in status goes without saying. I wonder how this will go among the rest of the Toreador, as I understand that Ms Duchesne once more failed to attend a clan meeting. Is that not what a Primogen is supposed to do - keep up with the members of her clan?

Ms Li, I feel badly that you must leave our membership so soon after becoming Harpy, but you now perform a responsibility much more important for your specific clan. I wish you, personally, the best of luck. I also hope that you realize that taking that responsibility would have you wash your hands of your Harpy duties. It would be a supreme conflict of interest for you to attend to so arduous a clan matter while attempting to keep the rest of the Kindred in line more socially. Feel free to disagree with this - I told the same thing to Ms Jentre when she wished to place a Primogen of her clan also in the spot of Harpy. The risk of cries of favoritism by clan could undermine anything we attempt.

In that same vein, I would deem it as unnecessary that some feel the need to have their fingers in so many pies. In doing so, you might forget which ones are the hot ones, and you might receive a very bad burn. Leave the baking to the bakers.

Subella du Boulle