Saturday, September 14, 2002

Lest we not forget the disparity in our ranks, my comrades in arms, so to speak. As the new arrival to the ranks of the harpies, in this city, I am reluctant to voice my concerns at the haughty attitudes represented in the previous statements in this forum. While yes, I do agree that occasionally the primogen need to be tested, I find it appauling that the attitude is being harbored amongst us that we can "make or break" primogen. Certainly, as lower level officials in the court of Saint Louis, it is our duty as the guardians of the status system to support the council of primogen, in their endeavours. Certainly, I am not stating that we should turn a blind eye to their transgressions, but many of the primogen who chose to accept the appointment to that office do so with a great deal of humilty. Certainly, the power hungry strive to occupy those positions of exultation, amongst their own broods, but for many there are also many other factors involved. Being the voice of one's clan is no small task. To accurately represent the wishes of your bretheren suggests a great social understanding of your clanmates, not to mention a great deal of tact to represent those opinions with one voice, one compromised opinion. The position of primogen will filter itself out, as we of the Toreador have recently demonstrated. If a primogen is not completely their tasks to the satisfaction of the clan, and are sufficiently lacking support, they will be replaced with the more capable.

But I recoil in shock, at the mention that we, as harpies, have the power to physically make or break a primogen. That is not our station, nor the intention of our station. I am also shocked to read disparaging remarks to the lack of representation of the clans. Perhaps, I should remind both of you that the core members of the camarilla are allowed the priviledge of having the concerns of their own clan spoken in the court of the Prince. Clans which willingly left the camarilla, as a whole, or were never officially represented in the Camarilla are the only clans whom should fight for a "primogen" to represent them. The core clans, as it has been my opinion, are entirely entitled to have their voices heard at the council of elders, via the eldest or most able leader in their midst. If a particular kindred "lucks" into the position, he or she still is entitled to the opportunity to speak for their clan, if they truely represent their bretheren. A voice for every clan, was one of the founding cries for the camarilla. If it were not so, then we would revert back to the heirarchical system, the dictatorship of clan bloodline. Loyal to blood, and blood alone. If were are to accept this philosophy, then we are divided in clan, and easy targets for those who would see the Ivory Tower of the Camarilla destroyed.

I advise caution with these trains of thought, and possibly the tendency to err towards arrogance. We are the social police of the lower ranks of the Camarilla, the enforcers of ettiquette and grace. We are not the puppet masters whom mold primogen into our own image.


Michael Dumont
Again, Monsieur Maloy, leaving this up to possible personal error, in regards to a clan's right to have a Primogen - I am simply not certain where that is dictated. I do understand that it is commonly accepted. Generally, most well-established cities have either Elder or acceptedly capable Kindred per clan to establish a Primogen Council consisting of the majority of Camarilla parent clans present. This is not everywhere, however.

Some clans do get ignored at times - this is true. Often times, during such duress, there is reason to. The same occurs with the entry of a weak primogen into a spot of representation. Take the former Toreador Primogen, Mel Duchesne. She left her clan to flounder, coming about only when necessary to ensure her perch atop the clan. The clan suffered immensely because of it. They were not respected, and the only seeming thing Ms Duchesne had managed to accomplish was to boost her status with the Primogency, which her status suffered nonetheless despite the increase gained by Primogency.

Eva Jentre, despite any disagreements we have had in the past has put them back in the spotlight. She has catered to stereotypes at first with the throwing of several parties, but what is wrong with that? The masses expect such things from the Toreador. She allows the St Louis Toreador to be looked upon like the every-Kindred's Toreador. Now, the clan has nowhere to go but up.

You have every right to disagree with me, Monsieur Maloy. I am simply not in the business in giving a Kindred the option to be Primogen if said Kindred is undeserving, either through action or through inexperience. This has nothing to do with age. Taking the responsibility of your clan: its members, actions, and prestige, upon your shoulders is a truly daunting task. It should not be attempted by someone that, for lack of a better word, lucked into the Primogency.

Subella du Boulle

Friday, September 13, 2002

I'm afraid I don't entirely agree with you, Ms. Du Boulle. Because I have seen many times clans not represented by a Primogen go unnoticed in the scheme of things. It is a clan's right to have a Primogen, but it is also our right as harpies to either mold them into proper leaders, or see that the week are culled from our ranks.

It should be noted here that the Brujah Primogen, Bolt, is now taking up accounting for Ciaran. I'm not too sure where exactly he is a thorn in our side, seeing I haven't heard much about him except for the fact that his sire was destroyed shortly after his embrace.

Im afraid we have much bigger things in our side. Such as the anarchs, or the death of a Primogen. Nick Tennyson was killed last night by a Malkavian embraced child. Yes, I spelt it correctly, child. She goes by the name of Hope, and I have been cautioned by several kindred to watch out for her blade.

On to the anarchs. Leighton showed up at the trainwreck last night, letting accusations run abound about so and so killing two anarchs, Derek and Arianna. I'm really not sure why they get off badgering the Seneschal, but Mr. Filitov came in and put a stop to that instantly. Also, regarding Kay Croft leaking information to this crude excuse of a kindred, Leighton listened into one of Kay's conversations and used her as an excuse for the information. This Leighton has no backbone what so ever, along with the Etiquette of an ape. If our responsibilities extended to him, he would surely have our ire.

Blake Maloy
I suppose that I could be mistaken, but it has always been my understanding that the Primogen are a group of the city's prominent Kindred whose job, or more appropriately, responsibility, is to "advise" the Prince. A strong Prince, as I believe Monsieur Filitov to be, will accept the advise, if not necessarily take it. Some cities have Princes who share some bit of power or influence with exceptionally strong Primogen or a council of such.

We are so caught up in every single clan having a Primogen. Certainly, each clan has a voice and should have their ideas represented, but the necessity of every clan having a Primogen - at the risk of appointing someone just because their clan needs representation? I say this easily as my clan is without a Primogen, but I would also have to be speaking for any whose parent clan may be unaligned, even though that such individual may be desperately loyal to our sect and its Traditions.

We have at several times since my arrival been without a Malkavian Primogen. At present, it seems that the Tremere are not resprested either, if the earlier post is to be taken as gospel. I know of cities where some clans hold no representation on council, while others my have multiple representatives. Is it fair that each clan must be represented? Not every individual is in such cases. We shall never please everyone.

You all might think my words bordering on blasphemy. I assure you that that is not the case. Should we give children firearmsa nd ammunition - telling them only that if they can figure the weapon out, that they may shoot it at whomever or whatever they wish?

I have old and potent Gangrel blood in my veins. I have been called "Elder" no few times by members of my clan as well as by members of others. Does this make me eligible for a Primogency? No, it does not, either, despite my standing in the Camarilla. It seems to me that such positions should be chosen, likely by the Prince that would wield the advice given him by the Primogen. If the Prince is a fool, then he would likely choose foolish primogen - though God help the city that would fall under such rule. We have no such a Prince. If we all cared more for sect and less for clan prestige, then it would benefit the lot of us.

Arkady Filitov and myself are both without the pleasure of a parent Camarilla Clan, though I would challenge any among the Kindred of St Louis to challenge our loyalty. We do quite well without the necessity of having a Primogen. Too much stock is being put into the position lately. Watch the ambitious and powerhungry come out to play.

Power is said to corrupt, you know?

Subella du Boulle
Thunder in the heavens, my friends, thunder in the heavens. The surviving primogen seem to be quarreling with the prince, or are at least prey to the largest misunderstanding I have witnessed since the "Cavalier" incident of 1850, in the Parisian court. It seems that somewhere in the mix, either Ms. Jentre, Bolt... or -someone- seemed to have spread the impression that the ever present thorn in Saint Louis's side, Ciaran, was blood hunted. Much to Mr. Filitov's fascination, as he himself did not call a blood hunt.

Either way, I am rather concerned as to the stance we, as harpies are taking on the current primogen "situation". It is true, in many of the older and more established cities primogen fluctuate rarely, or at the whim of the elder in the city. Unfortunately, our city operates under slightly different circumstances. We have very few elders in our ranks, even for American cities, and it would seem that the city is still reeling from the experience involved with the "relic" a few months bad. The capable leaders in our city seem to be under constant scrutiny from naysayers, their status based solely upon popular opinion, not on merit. I find it rather alarming when a pack of neonates, barely out of the womb, let alone flowing with kindred vitae seem to believe that they know how best a city should be run. I daren't think how many of them would challange the praxis, were it not for Mr. Filtiov's combat prowess, and overwhelming populairity in the Camarilla.

I would suggest, once new primogen have been found for the representless clans are appointed, and even with our current primogen, that we support them. Should they be inept, then I am certain that something can be done to educate and reform them. But until that time, it is my opinion that Mr. Filitov requires a council of primogen to bring to him the concerns of each individual clan. We are, as harpies, just as much artists, chipping away the weak, polishing the unfinished stone, as we are the wasps, the razor tongued entities which have led many of the independant minded to the anarchs. Merely a matter of opinion, I would be very curious to hear of your own remarks on the subject.

Michael du Mont

Thursday, September 12, 2002

Missing Primogen? Who all has gone missing? Ms Duchesne was never so much missing as simply not bothering to interrupt her schedule, so I take it from the Toreador. Dr Creed ceded himself from the positions because, quite frankly, I do not think that he had really desired it. It was unfortunate that the Malkavians lost their primogen, but we did note as to the 'why.' Trog was supposed to be keeping an eye on her, and he failed. Too often we muddle ourselves with things and seek problems where there might not be any - at least any that we may have some influence over.

I say this without a Primogen of my own. I believe, given my status in the Camarilla - as well as with the local Gangrel, that I would be as close to a Primogen as we have - barring the obvious, that my clanmate, Monsieur Filitov, is the Prince. Odd. I wonder if I should fear for my own safety - though I know where attacks on my person would originate from.

Let us not jump at shadows. We have more pressing concerns:
Random Sabbat incursions - We have no idea how many of them are still about.
Anarchs - We share a watery border with them. A Mr Leighton Briggs came by the Trainwreck. I saw him speaking with Ms Jentre, the one called Nayan, and Chris Pratt, our esteemed sheriff. It seems that Monsieur Briggs is currently a defacto leader of the Anarchs, and he has been trying to gather evidence on a "Derek's" possible destroyer. He asked a couple of times how we would react if one of ours died by Anarch hands in Anarch Territory. I mentioned Trog. I simply bade the man that the lot of them be respectful of us and Arkady's Domain, should they decide to venture over this way.
A slight bit of disconcertion bothers me as Monsieur Briggs claims to have received the lot of his information from Kay Croft. I realize that relations between Anarchs and Brujah are often friendly, but I would rather not have one among the Camarilla readily feeding information over toward "the other side" of the river.

Subella du Boulle
It also has been some time since my last post, but I too have been caught up in inter clan issues and the like. I'll try to give the best account of the past few days.

Im going to start with Seung, and the other Primogen, since Mr. Dumont brought it up. It appears Primogen have a nasty habbit of dissapearing. There's two possible explinations for this: something suspicious is aloof, or the Primogen just couldnt take the heat. I myself prefer the later, after all, not everyone was a born leader. But several kindred have expressed to me their concerns about dissapearing Primogen, so I thought I'd bring it up. Oh, and Mr. Dumont I don't believe Ms. Li will be able to "suck your withered left testicle" as she's gone missing.

On a similair note, Nick Tennyson is now Primogen of the Malkavians, and has shockingly yet to dissapear. All I'll just give you both a caution, he's an odd one. Talking about a woman covered in boils vomiting acid, and tossing around Wilfred and Bukowski like rag dolls.

Last night, at the trainwreck, the infamous Sabbat April was spotted. Due to the efforts of our wonderful Seneschal, a breach in the masquerade was avoided, by sending Bukowski off with her. What happened after that, Im not exactly sure, as soon as I find out I'll be sure to share.

One final thing, regarding misfits in the clans. I know we all have our own, but if either of you see Devin acting up, please inform me so I can rectify the situation before it gets out of control. And I'll likewise do the same for both of you. Be safe, just incase Mr. Tennyson is indeed correct.

Blake Maloy

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

No apologies needed, Monsieur Dumont. Monsieur Maloy and I have been somewhat lax as well. I will admit that mine stem largely from clan difficulties. There have been several new arrivals to my clan, some of whom are indeed honorable and fair-minded Kindred. So you should know them by name: Wilfred Vasquez and two independents, Iain Eidison and Jenna.

As of late, I have been occupying something of an informal leadership position of the Gangrel, bearing some of the weight so that Arkady Filitov will not be so mired considering his other duty as Prince and all. I have been doing the best I have been able to assist my clan, but there is simply no accounting for stupidity. Connor Munroe and his childe, Casey, are beyond wisdom. I wish that I could change this in them or change my mind about them, but at every opportunity, more foolishness ensues.

I am immensely angry as I have done quite a lot in the past to rectify the situation. When the problems occurred with the honorable Toreador Primogen, Eva Jentre, I did attempt to diffuse them, but in the long run, it has been to no avail. I feel saddened that I have apparently wasted much time on their behalf and burned potential bridges with a few Camarilla in good standing.

I did run into Zoe, and she seemed much more the responsible and responsive socialite that I've hoped for. Monsieur Dumont, your clan does seem to be coming around. That makes me happy. You shall let me know if there is anything that may be done to increase this momentum.

Subella du Boulle

Sunday, September 08, 2002

Greetings my friends, I do apologize that it has been several days since I made my last post. I am somewhat motivated to give an account of the toreador hosted party, which might I add, neither of you attended. But I would like to reply to some of the allegations previously made, before I go on with the current news. If I may be so bold, Miss Li may suck my withered left testicle. I am not only annoyed that she did not contact me herself with her concerns, but blatantly irritated by her condesencion. Ms. Jentre has been nothing but well mannered, at least when she is in my own company. I trust that yourself, Ms du Boulle or Mr. Maloy have been apt to correct her behavior. However, it also bears witness that both Ms Li and Ms Jentre are primogen, and should thereby be treated equally. It is how I have elected to treat them. But I frankly see no great honor in someone clearly lacking in style, grace, and wit. She dresses in a fashion appropriate of a brothel, and has been open with her disrespect for leadership in her clan. I am of the belief that Dr. Creed should still hold the office of Primogen, in the Tremere Clan, and now that he has returned from a brief hiatus, I would be most interested to see how their clan politics may pan out. If there is any instability within the tremere, it is something that Miss Li's own trechery and arrogance has caused. Neonate... "peas out." Gah. Pardon my rant, but I am also annoyed that she is of the belief that because she "sponsored" my ascension to harpydom, that by some rite I owe her a boon. Make no mistake, I will publically deny that. I believe that I ascended to walk among the social elite by carefully shaking off a poor reputation, and proving myself. Nothing a few words of praise from a warlock did.

Anyhow... to the matter of the party. I'll do my best to make the brief. Yes, before you hear it on the rumour mill, I did have a nasty slip which resulted in a belly flop. Ask no more. I'll try to keep a breakdown of the party activities point form.

Fox. Also known as Casandra Bella-Ramon.. but goes by the nickname Fox. Did I mention that my new nick name is Stallion? You know... because. Heh. She appeared to be well mannered, if not a bit... blond. Ah well, I suppose not just the pristine of humanity fall in among us.

Nick.. he showed up on time, well mannered young man. A little.. shifty, but you can't blame him for a twitch. Forgot his swimwear, tisk tisk... then again, so did the Prince.

Mr. Jayson Rilux was also among those who came within the first hour. He can well prepared, with bathing wear, and managed to nearly awe myself and the other toreador with some stunning body work. In particular, a rather large dragon tattoo, which seemed to compensate for his scarring. Makes me wonder about his mortal life... it was clearly less priviledged than the one he lives now.

Estelle. Estelle. Lovely little creature, beautiful, excellent choice of fashion. Waspish. If you think that I can be unpleasant, be wary about this one. Her tongue is sharp, and is applied with the precision of a machete in the jungle. Hack and slash, with no consideration for social pleasantries. It was bloody rude. There was a pleasant contrast to the times she talked, though, she was silent, and looked pretty.

Ms. Jentre was the pinnacle of pool side fashion. Elegant, but not over stated, sexy, but not slutty. She and Ms Li should have a conversation on style. Ms. Li could have a lot to learn.

Ms. Chase arrived fashionably late, as is her priviledge. Her date, Bukowski treated her to a hearty douse of water from a cannonball. Kudos to Buko for a sense of humour.

However, Bukowski's body is disgusting. Revolting... hideous. I'd rather not see it bare ever again..

Dr. Creed was good enough to show up, slightly overdressed. However, some people just shouldn't be seen in bathing suits, so I think him for his discression in this matter.

Last but not least, Mr. Filitov was the latest arrival while I was present. He was fully clothed, and I had joked with Ms. Jentre that the first arrival who was fully clothed, and un-prepared was to be thrown into the pool. She teased me and dared me to do it... I elected to leave, and make a phone call. The call took quite a long while, but I overheard a rather loud splash, some thrashing... and a great deal of laughter. I thought it best not to inspect, and finish up my business. Either way, the party was a success, if not poorly attended. Everyone present seemed to have a good time. Kudos to Zoe, for hosting a fantastic party, and to myself... if I can do that, for financing it. Either way, that is all I have for you now.

Michael Dumont