Saturday, September 21, 2002

Eva's Carnival last night had a relatively good turn-out. I felt somewhat out of place being there, however. I know this sounds terribly pompous, but bread and circuses are to appease the masses. Nobles generally follow different sorts of pursuits. Admittedly, I did enjoy myself, however, once I allowed myself the opportunity.

There were strange games being played. I noticed the quickness of some of the Brujah in catching goldfish. Several sires are proud in the extreme, I am sure. These remarks are not intended scathing, as I, myself, a Gangrel, a clan of hunters, had little success in the same pursuit. I was less than impressed with the knife-throwing abilities of some, however.
Additionally, there was a sparring ring set up. I participated in two such events at mock combat. I battled Ms Jentre in a pugilistic match in which we were not to enact disciplines via blood and the like. Perhaps I underestimate her, for someone so lacking in strength took a good deal of damage I had dished out. I wonder if the "no blood" rule was adhered to properly, however. It matters very litlte. It was all in fun. I also had the opportunity to spar Ms Idola Kapilis. That was interesting. She is exceptionally strong. I have little doubt that she is likely quite fast as well. With her fists, however, I was less than impressed. The only one who truly impressed me strength-wise was the Ventrue Bukowski. I find Bukowski somewhat of a contradiction - like myself- who I would never take for a Ventrue, while he is one, whereas, I am often mistaken for a Toreador or some such clan.

It was enjoyable. I would hope that people take such outlets for what they are and gain amusement in unlives that can be, over time, quite tedious.

Subella du Boulle

Friday, September 20, 2002

Lions, and tigers, and bears, Oh my!
This posting will be something like that. As it stands, word has it that the garou have returned. Moreso, the garou have returned to my Domain. It is humorous that I have not yet seen them, though, apparently, Monsieur Dumont, Monsieur Pollock claims that you have? Your Primogen corroborates that. I wonder if that would not teach others to go running about in another Kindred's recognized Domain without permission? Even though, it is disturbing that such strange beasts be running about on my own property.
Also, I hear it that there may be a Sabbat agent in our midst? Keep an eye on your fellows, especially the relatively newly arrived. I shall not speak the name just yet, but be wary, Michael. I have heard names as being in your company. Anyone that you go lupine-hunting with would be suspect. Additionally, I have heard that there may be a Sabbat named Mayhem running about, apparently AGAIN.
Lastly, beware the East Side still. As "Jake" apparently killed Cristiano, there might be some chance of some reprisal, even though we as Camarilla claim no responsibility for the slaying. I do not doubt that they are exceedingly happy over the death.
Lastly, do not forget to spread the word about Eva's Carnival this evening - for those that may not be aware. She promises security, but my fellow Kindred, be aware. I have strange feelings about the event.

Subella du Boulle

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

I do not like demanding that someone pay attention to me simply because I am a Harpy. I would hope that a pleasant smile and a few kinds words would be enough. In the case of Archy, of Nosferatu, I am particularly bothered. Apparently, he had wished to tell Dr Creed something, and he might have been amicable to doing so in my presence. However, he acted somewhat strange when Jon came into the place and began talking about Connor and his pack.

Archy then proceeded to act rude and ignore me - even after being corrected for doing so by the Primogen, Eva Jentre. I realize that he may be antisocial, but among others of our kind, it does help to at least behave presentably. I spoke with Jon about it, and Archy did call me later and apologize - after telling me several bits of news that Jon had the previous evening.

Subella du Boulle

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

I am at a loss for how to truly express my disappointment and anger with this next bit of news. It goes without saying that a couple of members of my clan, namely Connor and his childe, Casey, are disreputable in the extreme. The Keeper of Elysium, Jon, told us some even more disconcerting news last evening.

I have spoken before about Connor building something of his own little brood. I am wondering when he decided to include vampire hunters in that little gathering. It comes from Jon that Connor is befriending and/or harboring a "vampire hunter." It goes without saying that such an interaction, regardless of the skill and capability of this hunter, is quite bad.

Additionally, a "gargoyle" is said to be running with this motlety crew as well. Dr. Creed seemed quite interested in that little tidbit, and he went off to find more information about said creature. Be cautious.

Interestingly enough, it is also believed that in some twisted attempt to gain entry into the Camarilla, that the brood has been courting the Nosferatu, since those Gangrel with clout among the Camarilla recognize them for the malcontents and purveyors of outright foolishness that they are. In this attempt, it is claimed that the "pack" will seek to stake Idola and Cristiano, both of notable Anarch fame in attempt of impressing the Camarilla - and quite likely beginning some sort of turf war.

Should the brood-members be caught on this side of the river, barring Connor, himself, they are to be destroyed on sight. Connor is believed to have a bit more prowess. I have defeated him in single combat, but we were not quite fighting for our lives, so I am uncertain to the extent of his ability. If at all possible, encounter these in groups. If they should hunt you, it would be as predator seeking prey, so, in turn, offer no quarter.

Subella du Boulle
After reading your rebukes, I must admit that I took a stance with too powerful an opinion, too quickly. Forgive my misinterpretations, perhaps my own paranoia at meeting death at the hands of the status stalkers over came my common sense. Forgive me, my friends.

Michael Dumont

Sunday, September 15, 2002

My comment may have come off a little rough, granted. But I hardly think you are in a position, Mr. Dumont, to criticize me regarding Primogens. When it was you, infact, who said that a primogen could "suck your left withered nut". To be perfectly honest, your "mightier then thou" stance on this matter offends me, and I dont like being treated as such.

Alas, I must agree with Subella regarding the unity of the harpies. Therefore, I will drop the issue, though I would appreciate an apology from your behalf, and will likewise extend my own apologies if I offended either of you by any of my other comments.

I'd rather not beat this issue to death, so I'll move on and bring up another subject. Giovanni. Apparently some Giovanni is being adamant about Mr. Filitov apologizing to him other the death of one of his clanmates. He seems to think Nick Tennyson, recently deseased Primogen killed him. His information was fed to him by the little midget Malkavian, Hope, who was killed by Kay recently. Can we say get over it? We have more pressing things to deal with then stuff like this.

Blake Maloy

Monsieur Dumont, perhaps you should rethink your position in things before you become so bold as to offer chastisement and tell everyone else their rights from wrongs. Your previous discourse was every bit as inappropriate any made by myself or Monsieur Maloy.

If you wish me to elaborate on my position, I shall - apparently it seems necessary since the simple logic that I chose to impart was not handled as carefully as it should have been.

I am not about to run out and insist that every clan place someone on a Primogen Council just so that they might have say. Of course, outside of my clan, such a decision is not mine to make. I simply urge that a clan choose a responsible member that will look out for, and speak on behalf of, their Clan, and more, the Camarilla. I have no desire to see our Ivory Tower topples because someone was more worried about being able to speak their wishes with less concern for reprisal at a gathering rather than strength and concern for the Traditions that govern us and allow for our continued survival.

I have not the benefit of a parent clan in the Camarilla. I uphold the values and the Traditions of sect. Before one would go and call me into question, the speaker should bare in mind that this notion alone gives me every bit as much credence as one who claims membership by blood. I do not have to be here. I choose to be here.

With pleasant lack of more controversial nature within St Louis at present, I can see that it woudl be easier to turn inward and look upon one's fellows for errors, but do remember what I said when we first spoke about these things, Monsieur Dumont, we speak as one, or our word means nothing. Do you think the Camarilla society at large would give weight to anything we said if they thought us back-biting? I ask you to use the good sense that I know you possess, and cease a backslide that would return you to your less-than-savory manner of character before your recent return to St Louis.

I do not seek to break any Primogen. In all honesty, they need our assistance now more than ever. If you will recall, I withdrew any attempt to damage the character of Ms Jentre with the notion that she would seek to lead your clan and improve its place within this city. Any veiled threats or thoughts of poor judgement on my part are greatly out of place. All clans need strong Primogen. What's more, they need fair Primogen. I will not speak for Monsieur Maloy, but I do believe that I am owed an apology, Michael.

Subella du Boulle