Saturday, October 12, 2002

Well, i think its best to fess up for oneself, I Sera Tyler have commited violence on the landing to attempt to stop Kay when she frenzied due to Inarus, a snake. I thought it prudent to stake her with a xbow bolt and failed...this action was foolish and i have paid the price, both in my dignity, and in my own body. Though this will strengthen my devotion to the Camarilla. As new things erupt, Ms. Jentre has had both Ms. De Boulle and Mr. Thatcher banned from her parties due to her beliefs of their abhorable behavior in her presence. As for Subella's arguement with Cassidy, no blood test was ever taken for what its worth, Cassidy Michaels no longer even exists today, as he picked a fight with Mr. Vasquez's ghoul and has suffered final death. The authorities are well aware of this situation, and we will see where it goes. The malkavians are directly behind their primogen hopeful Ms. Akatani, I am most certain she will take this mantle for her family. Ms. Jentre has thrown even more parties which ive heard will have a pretty good turn out. The Cofee Cartels opening went rather well, with an exciting performance by Shirvat and well hosted by Ms. Eva Jentre. Rai conducted himself as a quiet but overtly enjoying himself and made a good impression as well. Though most importantly Mr. Rai Sarka has ascended to the coveted Position of Toreador Whip, he will enjoy his time in the public eye and work hard for the betterment of his clan. Congradulations.

Recent Arrivals or Introductions.

Alix- Mostly quiet, talks to himself, and seems generally pretty mellow, has an outburst now and then all in all pretty well mannered.
Leonard- Well, he managed to make a fool of himself at the coffee party being called both a "Narc and Pedophile" It was sort of amusing.
Alley- Rather delightful, likely to get a positive spotlight.

Colt- Pretty forward individual, built for bruising, makes me wonder if most Brujah sell out their protection.

Sera Tyler, Clan Tremere
It seems the harpy have been dealt a blow, this past week, a very unfortunate turn of events. Hopefully we may remedy this in the coming days. Ms Jentres party has been moved forwards quite a bit, and decorations art being put up in my building, named 'Die Endtage' or 'The end days' in rememberance of the seige in which it was in full use.
As for the incident between Ms Tyler and Ms Croft, I cant say Im very informed. Something about a breach of elysium, and a frenzying Ms Croft. If someone would please enlighten me on the subject, I would appreciate it.
And on the subject of the recent status drops, I may be able to speak about the 'abuse of power' supposedly, that I have heard talked about. I think it was Ms Jentre, who said that you, Ms Du Boulle, made this Cassidy Michaels give a blood sample to the Tremere. Ms Jentre quarrel was with you supposedly having the power to make someone take a bloodtest. Now this is all second hand information I overheard from Ms Jentre, I was not there at the time of this exact occurance. I am merely stating what I have heard.

Jon of the Nosferatu

Friday, October 11, 2002

As it turns out, it seemed I angered a few with my - ahem - treatment of a Monsieur Cassidy Michaels. The person accosts me, He has apparently been watching people go to and from the upstairsa area of Madame Chase's Trainwreck Saloon. He proceeds to tell me that he is Camarilla. He further proceeds to tell me that he is a Lasombra. How odd this is. He expects then to go upstairs. Well, as we have had such a problem with Lasombra in St Louis in the preceding months, I thought it my duty to inform the others. I did so. I also asked them to give him the benefit of the doubt as they all seemed so eager to engage him in combat.
As it turns out, he came upstairs with me, haughty and full of himself. He spoke a bit - it seems he knew of Prince Arkady (who was no longer Prince) and Ms Chase. I am sorry, but that is not quite enough. If I were attempting to enter a city for information-gathering, I would hope that i at least new some of the recognized officials.
The incident was played to the hilt, however. Eva carted him off and spoke with him for some time. No doubt she spied on his soul or perhaps even took the newcomer at his word. Needless to say, I have not made a tremednous amount of allies in regards to the decision. A few people were angered that I dare question the honor and integrity of this newly immigrated Lasombra, who had not yet received the Prince's permission to stay. That was patently absurd.
I wonder where Eva wished to call me out in regards to this person just before I left the scene. A recent arrival's position being placed above that of a Harpy. That is equally ridiculous. I hear that I have abused power? Please. I believe I am one of the few that has treated such responsibly. My unlife does not revolve around conniving and backbiting.
I also hear of the punishments people are receicing. These are very public ordeals. No doubt they are meant to teach lessons. I fear that, for some, that they will merely be looked upon for amusement purposes. That is a shame.

Subella du Boulle

Colt: 1 for being acknowledged, +.5 for assistance during sabbat attack
Kay: -.5, elysium violation and punishment
Sera: -.5, elysium violation and punishment
Wilfred: +.5, domain acquired
Rai: 1 for being acknowledged, +.5 for assistance during carnival incident
Subella: -.5, abuse of power (demanding blood of a new arrival)
Julian: +.5, appointed as Keeper of Elysium (Trainwreck)
Dominique: +.5, recognized as Ventrue Primogen
Masina: 1 for being acknowledged, +.5, malkavian of note, primogen potential
Jeremiah: -.5, annoyed the harpies
Scopullus: -.5, prince does not acknowledge him as Primogen of Nosferatu
Creed: +.5, recognized as Tremere Primogen
Jefferson: +.5, acknowledged boon owed to him by Marlo Chase
Agon: +.5, assistance during carnival incident
Jon: +.5, divulged significant information concerning Connors pack.

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

It seems tonight was some sort of coordinated sabbat strike, aimed to take Arkady and Ms Chase out of comission. Apparently there was a sniper and around 16 sabbat, luckily there were no fatalities on our side. Ive increasing found it odd, that despite going against the odds in numerous occasions we maintain no casualties at the hands of the sabbat. During the seige, there were no casualties of the sabbat. Its rather amazing, if you think about it.
Numerous people were greviously hurt, though the aftermath was taken care of. That is all on this end for now.

Jon of the Nosferatu

Monday, October 07, 2002

The things I have seen, have never prepared me for what I have witnessed today. Luke DeBeers has made a mockery of what the Camarilla stands for, if at any time I thought Mr. Thatcher may have been rough around the edges but he did not stab our society in the side bleeding it of its, purpose and its reason to exist. Then when caught in this action completely ignore the status of Primogen no less to their faces and disparage them. These sickening events will not continue in our city when it is viewed by my eyes. I cant dredge on this anymore, onto positive notes.

At Court, I have heard a many good things and only one questionable thing. Mr. Dominique De Wildt welcome to the Primogen, your words are now the beliefs of your clan, listen well and lead them to greatness as I'm sure you will. Ms. Chase has formally taken the title of Prince, to rule our city, and protect the Traditions by which we all abide. Also our very own Arkady Filitov has returned from the throne to serve with Mr. Pratt as our Deputy continuing his tradition of protecting our fair city of St. Louis. Now only at one moment did I pause to think, I have heard a Ms. Masina Akatani has support to be the Malkavian Primogen. May there be two people with the same name...or is this the Same Anarch leader I have heard of...time will tell the greatest truths. Now correct me if im wrong but the Primogen is the voice of the clan and if the Primogen is Anarch would that not mean all who follow her are the same. Consider these possibilities.

New Arrivals, Sean of the Ventrue has thus far been a delightful young man, and held himself in a rather proper light. This is one that has made me need a double take, apparently a very talented Toreador has this beautiful little wild nature landscape painting, with deer and fluffly lil clouds thats the good part...the bad part is this wonderful drawing complete with pink silk bow was painted on Kay's Motorcycle...I personally dont know whether it would be better to scrap the bike or soak up the embarassment of coming to an auto garage to have it repainted. I think there was a comercial for something like this somewhere, Paint 20 bucks, bike couple of thousand bucks, price of man hours for the paint 10-300 dollars...the look on Kays face....Priceless.

Dr. Sera Tyler, Clan Tremere

Concerning Angel, I must make clear that there are two known Angels, one being of my family. I hope no confusion results from this. As for this Mr Thatcher, his manner may be as eloquent as anyones, but the way he admonishes a primogen and insults Dr Creed, is inexcusable. He must be made aware of where he stands, and where he does not.
Ms Zapa seems to be a nice young woman, I reminded her of the place of ghouls, just as some cautionary advice. I am also looking forward to the masquerade ball, with it being at my domain and such.

Jon of the Nosferatu

Sunday, October 06, 2002

One note I must make, is the fact that there are now two Angels in residence in this city, the other is of my family. I hope no confusion arrises from that. On another note, the behavior of Mr Thatcher is wretched, some reprisal must be met. He needs to learn where he stands, and where he does not. I spoke with Ms Zapa the other day, a quite polite young woman, all the same, I reminded her of the place of ghouls, and how they are to act towards Kindred. On the position of Seneschal I believe Ms Chase will be waiting a few weeks, to determine if one is needed. And on the issue of scourge, I do think we are in need of one, an unenviable position, but there is a reason for them to be.

And about this Masquerade ball, Ms Jentre has said she wanted to host it in the former elysium, mine. But I am not sure if at this point in time she still does.
On to the news of the day. Anyone hearing of a Caitiff named Angel Hinds, is most to call for immediate back up or Mr. Pratt, he is a Tzimisce, who has dared to violate our elysium with his presence, beware. On a lighter note Court is meeting tonight, and Im sure there will be much talk of the new social order. The two open spots seem to be Seneschal and Scourge. Let us see who could possibly contend this spot, two members of social prominance seem to be the most likely Canidates are Eva Jentre of Clan Toreador, and Subella De Boulle of Clan Gangrel...these shall be an interesting turn of events to watch. The position of Scourge is being discussed so I hear, and the prime canidate...Jayson Rilux, the job may not be glamorous, but it is essential none the less.

Crafty stylish people here is the heads up, Ms. Jentre has planned to host a "Masquerade Ball." This Halloween, which I rather look forward to. It will be interesting to see the fads and styles to come from this. Speaking of style and manners, I have heard some pretty disparaging remarks about Mr. Thatcher. Firstly reprimanding Ms. Jentre a primogen on her manners and going way above his station, then only to hear about him insulting Dr. Creed's culture because he does not shake his hand. Excuse me if i missed something, but doesnt that seem to be firstly quite hostile actions to people who have worked hard to earned their status and really stepping beyond your bounds. I will hope to see much better behavior in my presence and hope to never see, such an insult as those stated before this...EVER.

I have heard Malachai is the most likely canidate for the Primogen of Clan Malkavian, this mayhaps should be very very interesting.
Speaking of Primogen, its rather interesting to notice Kay, and Jaxon "wrestling" i beleive is the best term I can give for the circumstance that ended up in Jaxon walking off on his merry little way, should elicit a few laughs.

Speaking of ghouls, Wilfred has unveiled a rather lovely young woman named Zapa, whom I would be a little more pleased with if she stopped to either pronounce or not mistake our names for something else. Otherwise I see she has a good teacher, that will indoctrinate her into our society.

That is the news as I have heard it.

Dr. Sera Tyler, Clan Tremere