Saturday, October 19, 2002

Well last nights concert was phenominal and drew quiet a crowd to see Shirvats show, most of the cities kindred were in attendance. Malachai was passing out his books and Bukowski was destroying the moshpit. All in all it was just plain fantastic.

Afterwards Eva threw a party at her place, consisting of techno, people dancing around and stunts like Arkadys knife juggling and splitting an apple ontop of Kelseys head. It went on for a good wild while, and some jokes went around of which I cannot in good taste repeat.

Today there was a disturbance at the Tequila Rose Cantina, I found Cavan and called Julian for back up. What I recieved was in the time it took them to show up, one of the idiot workers did something and started an alcohol blaze...which allowed Cavan to escape while i tried to make my way to get him. So far nothing terrible has happened because of this, the creature "shimmered" hiding itself as it took to the air so im told, so no one saw it. Arkady, Kay, Eva and Julian showed up minutes later and I was at fault for calling the big guns....people who I did not call. I was then reprimanded and sent to fix things up...wilfred sent me home since his insurance would cover the fire...all I have to show for it...Cavans trenchcoat, and a lowerstanding in my own society.

Dr. Sera Tyler, Clan Tremere

Friday, October 18, 2002

On another note Id like to say goodbye to Subella and welcome Mr. Ezekiel Cole to the Harpies, I am sure I will enjoy working with you as we have already done before. If you may need anything just contact me and ask. Also to make a solid note, Masina Akatani is the Malkavian Primogen, if i have not said this before.

Dr. Sera Tyler, Clan Tremere
Well, yet again Ms. Jentre has done her best to bring us all a fantastic party we wont forget...due to the nature of our guests. I've decided to go though who was wearing what first to give a little idea hear and there. Myself as Melpomene, Eva as Peacock woman, Ezekiel as Justice, Kenneth as the Druid, Fox as the Swanprincess, Jayson as Death, Kay as the the happy bunny, Xander as the Phantom, Shirvat as the reflection, Chris as the Hannya demon...i think the hair and voice gave him away, Julian as Lucifer from Dantes Inferno, Jeremiah as Two Face. I also have my guesses here, Masina as the Geisha, Nosferatu Jon as Odin, Arkady as Batman, and Marlo as Catwoman.

There is also a list of unknowns, The Renasiance man and woman, Cleopatra, Ninja, The Saytr, The Ghost, The Tick, The Ventian Doge, Isabella and lastly the Goblin King. All of these people dissapeared before the unmasking to many peoples dissapointments.

On the otherhand during the masquerade itself, the first dance was between myself and the Goblin King, whom might I add has a very distinguished knowledge of the waltz. The party stayed a dance untill our guests decided to play out their roles in movies, Catwoman stealing things, Batman saving people, it was a mess for a while. Peacock and the bunny got into a tackling fest and at the offer of 500 dollars I jumped the bunny and took her head from Kay...i think that was the best suprise of the night...that and the fact I didnt get hit afterwards hard enough to reach myself into orbit. My prize from justice...500 dollars monopoly money, im going to get the real thing i swear. Though at eleven o clock sharp the pumpkin in the bar exploded with confetti as the unmasking began.

All in all, a very good outing for most of the city, noticing somewhere between twenty and thirty guests, whom all had a good time dancing or brawling. Thank you Ms. Jentre for a lovely party and Nosferatu Jon for the use of your fine establishment.

Dr. Sera Tyler, Clan Tremere

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

I leave the city this night. Perhaps I was not the best of Harpies. I did not pick clean the bones of my enemies. I made peace instead of antagonism whenever possible. I'll leave with a parting shot at Ms Jentre. Know, Ms Tyler, that I rescended a grand boon from her. I did not even cause her offer restitution. Even in such an instance, she was not respectful. She scoffed at the notion. Foolish woman - she disregarded prestation. Remember that, should she choose to offer you a deal. Spread the word that she is a liar and conniver.

Subella du Boulle.
Masina Akatani has assumed the title of Primogen of the Malkavians. This is to be a time of celebration and stability as all the clans have been accounted for and leaders chosen. Hopefully this shall give power for the Camarilla to exist and repel the sabbat invaders.

It astonishes me, that certain people dont get the idea after its firmly implanted in their heads. Having a delightful conversation with Masina and Zapa, mr Henry kindly asks to pull me aside. Assuming civility I do so, and he prepares a rant I should not stick my nose in other peoples buisness, and he will forgive me this time if I appologize. ...umm no, the harpies and Keeper have the direct ability to stick their nose in whatever happens in the confines of Elysium, especially one so blatant as Publically berating and insulting ones Primogen. Then being so obtuse as to seek out a harpy and insult myself for doing my duty. I wonder if he has enough balls to hunt down Julian Frost, Ezekiel Cole, and Eva Jentre for pointing out how much of an ass he made of himself last night and demandng that same apology. I seriously doubt it.

Apparently after my leaving this little scene, Ms. Jentre comes in and they trade words ending in a Colt attacking ms Jentre and running after her an unarmed woman, after disputing his honor what sick twisted lies. Ms. Akatani attempts to subdue him to no avail, but Zapa takes two clean shots...that destroy Colt, simply stunning, Zapa has done her best to protect a Primogen. Niko when over hearing this story demanded her Destroyed...she risked herself to save an unarmed Primogen, are these not the acts of one who is truely loyal to the system.

Dr. Sera Tyler, Clan Tremere

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Tonights the night that I got flashbacks of Mr. DeBeers, Mr. Heny outright challenged Kay authority in Elysium, disregarded his own primogen and essentially cut off his ties with his clan. He also fought agasint the wishes of apair of harpies, the Keeper, and a fellow Primogen. These are the acts of Anarchs in our midst, true the Brujah have always kept a little out of the direct line of authority but never have i seen one question or demand from their own. This must truely be a dark time, that this seems to be a going trend...its sick and demented. He even challenged her to a duel "INSIDE" Elysium, was not mine and Kays torture for nothing to show others what NOT to do. After Kay declined him, as he was quite inferior she has made the best choice and averted harsh circumstances. You Mr. Henry are a fool to fight your own Primogen, and worse a fool to repent your clan.

Dr. Sera Tyler, Clan Tremere

Monday, October 14, 2002

It pains me to see you leave Jon, it has been a pleasure working with you and I am sure you will do great things for your clan.

Dr Sera Tyler, Clan Tremere
This message, will likely be my last. As I will be assuming the role of primogen for clan nosferatu, I may no longer be counted amoung the ranks of the harpies. I feel I must restore the standing of the clan in the eyes of the Prince, and the others of the council. I hope the harpies will fare better with my absence.

Jon of the Nosferatu
I must admit I am somewhat shocked to hear of Wilfreds actions, I had always thought of him as a reasonable and rational man. Unfortunately this doesnt seem to be the case.
As for the harpies as a whole, perhaps I should be coming down harder on those around me, and paying much closer scrutiney. Id hate to have the harpy position fall from grace at my own actions. Harpies are rumored to have barbed tongues, let us show them we have them.
Mr Cole, obviously, should be dealt with, the prince being one not to be disrespectful too. If this Masina wishes to become primogen and has truly converted to the camarilla, by all means, I hope her leadership brigns the clan together.
Ill admit my post has harpy has been lowkey, in a word. I have never was completely confidant of what the post entails, but I will strive to do so.
I was also wondering if this Ms Abin had a good performance at the coffee cartel. Are we in the mood to reward such performances?

Jon of the Nosferatu

Sunday, October 13, 2002

The tides of change are always numerous.First of all though just recently wilfred was gifted Domain in Chakoia, he has lost it just as quickly when the belief of the court is that he had invited Mr. Cassidy Michaels and killed him, thus he has lost his domain and the status associated with it. Such cruel Villany. Favor has also changed hands thus far, as I have heard the court has turned their collective backs on Ms. De Boulle, and has fallen from their favor. Mr. Thatcher has gained Ms. Chases favor, and has regained an invitation to Ms. Jentre's masquerade ball. As also I have heard a great insult has been thrown our way, apparently the harpies are supposedly ineffective and worthless, so much so that Mr. Cole has been appointed as an Unofficial harpy to provide us competition. Subella, I hate to say this but collectively it seems as if you are being hardpressed from your position as Head Harpy. Ive also heard that Jon that your work has almost been nonexistant, I do not say these things from myself but from what I have heard. The Prince herself has said almost the same exact thing to me, and it tears me apart at this, we are harpies we are the controlling order of this city, showing people right from wrong, help me both of you I cannot do this on my own. Masina has changed and come to the Camarillian side officially and has brought her clan together to form a cohesive unit, her place as Malkavian primogen is a definite possiblity but not assured.

This next part id like to call bad things to do.
Mr. Henry, Ive heard during your seemed bored with the Prince and decided to try and strike up a conversation with the nearby Ms. Jentre. That is a really, really bad move, never ever snub the prince, you are lucky you were not turned out of the city immediately. Id almost mention its rather disgusting to eat kitty treats especially in public

Dr. Sera Tyler, Clan Tremere.
Who was it that asked that foolish Fiend Angel to give up some of his blood? He did so, even more foolish, reluctantly, and we found out. Now, in my case, I simply wished to see how Monsieur Michaels would react. I never dreamed that people would open that up to my having an abuse of power After all, any brave souls that were there that night will remember that at that point, I had never even mentioned the amount of status I had in the city - or that I was Harpy. That reveleation came subsequent to his telling me that I had committed a grievous breach of etiquette. Any that were present that evening and did not pass on that little bit of information on my behalf are themselves to be blamed for honesty and failure to give proper respect to those with more status. If I were to behave like some others that will not be mentioned, I could simply throw my weight around just because I had status, but I did not. I would be down many others' throats because of this - because I can. I would only ask that those present be made to "fess up," as Ms Tyler so politely put it.
Violence in Elysium - it is a good thing that you and Ms Croft only received the minor punishments that you did, although, I am happy they were light. I know you were attempting to do the right thing, Ms Tyler. I trust your character greatly. Ms Croft has the best wishes of her clan at heart, which makes her an appropriate Primogen for any clan.
I believe, more than Jentre's slight to disallow me entry into her party, and fellow Harpies, I would appreciate this backing, because it should be recognized as is, a slight. It would be your combined place to correct me for unsatisfactory behavior in a public setting - not Eva's. As I began, it would be nice for this news to be spread, for it is as much a pain to be lumpted into some category with a tactless buffoon like Jeremiah Thatcher, who has on several occasions gone out of his way to anger or chide others. I merely did something that a few considered overly strict in the best interest of the Camarilla.
If we all looked toward the best interest of the Camarilla even half the time more than our own interests, then many of the problems and worries that we possess and take such great pains in struggling through night after night would be unnecessary.

Subella du Boulle