Thursday, October 24, 2002

Thank you for the warm welcome into the harpies of the court in St. Louis, Dr. Tyler. And if you need anything as well, you have my contact information. I apologize for the late response, I have had some issues with my DSL connection...good providers of internet are hard to come by these days...always...same difference. As I am still settling into the details of the politics in St. Louis, this post shall be brief and I won't reflect on things already reflected on by you, I shall start fresh from this point forward, with the exception of also my praise for Shirvat's performance, it was truely monumental. I shall have to remember to thank her, she is definately someone to watch.

As for the most current of matters, I do have a small bit of advice. Treating the ghoul with respect is not nessicarily outside the confineds of good grace, keep in mind while it may be just a ghoul, it is the Prince's Domain. As in such, issues as you have thus presented is truely miniscule, if her alarm on her car talked back to you, I doubt it'd spawn any kind of similar remarks. Treat this as such as well, you'd respect her domain as you would respect her ghoul, it is one and the same. It is not like he can do anything damaging to you if you do not let him have the oppertunity. He's not a target, nor an enemy, he's merely trying to desperately learn what you already have. This may seem to be a statement based on kissing ass, but it is not, this is the same I'd express towards anyone of high status domain. Keep in mind also, that a harpy's word is only as good as the harpy's presence, and example of grace, respect, and knowledge. If you feel your word meaning nothing, it is time to take a step back, and discover what made you a harpy in the first place. It is not a place, it is a state of being...and while I may believe in zen like things, this is a truth, not a philosophical anticdote. Being a harpy can go and come as those view you in other lights, it is you who keeps it there. Losing it means to lose yourself.

- Ezekiel Cole

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

This is beyond disgusting, Today in Elysium I asked a Ghoul to mind his place...and whos Ghoul is this Ms. Chases...Jaxon. Not only was I ignored I was told to kiss his ass, berrated by him and had the entire foundation of Status of the Camarilla stomped upon. He stated he wouldnt listen to me because he didnt like me and liked Ms. Jentre....what world does he live in I wonder. This went on farther after Ms. Jentre asked me to sit and Jaxon to the same...he then told a primogen to her face...she had to say please. Ms. Chase I have alot of respect for you and your place, but I would like to ask what sort of reflection is Jaxon showing for you, a very disturbing and sickening one. Sure there is some respect at being a Princes ghoul, but at what point does it give them the right above kindred. If it werent elysium i think other kindred would have torn him in half for his offense, though minding both proper manners and ettitquette I did niether. So at this point I am to consider if my word means nothing to a ghoul should i even bother retaining my place as a harpy.

Dr. Sera Tyler, Clan Tremere