Monday, November 04, 2002


Court for the month of November was fairly straight forward, several arrivals, little business. The only events of note were the public announcement, as I had not heard myself, that the Malkavian Malachi StukusVi's appointment as Primogen of Clan Malkavian. His whip, Emma who's name I cannot recall, was also named before the Court. The entertainment for the evening was provided by Jayson's acinine antics about asking the our Grace if she had appointed herself a Seneshal, and whom it was. After a quick and surgical verbal assassination by our Grace, he was about as thickskulled as he started with and didn't even notice the fact he got assassinated. Clearly our Grace hasn't lost her tongue of our circle. Also as a side note as I was personally unaware, it seems my own clan lacks representation of any kind. Suffice to say, this isn't good news...and even less good that I was left unaware of it. But enough about my own matters.

Current Events.


Definately newly borns, I found myself in an unusual circumstance last evening as I was...transported in some manner of speaking by a unknown force into an all out conflict against nearly a dozen angry cainites of the sabbat, being in heated melee with our Grace, Arkady Filitov, Kay Croft and several other Camarilla members, including the Whip of Clan Toreador, Rai whom displayed amazing ferocity in battle. After a brief slaughter of the newly borns, and the destruction of a sniper it ended well, although battered luminaries and camarilla members alike. I think I need to stick to hunting in the clubs again, battle is not my most favored activity.

Personal Matters.

Situation between myself and Kay Croft ended honorably, to somewhat my suprise. She's no gained her effigy back into her possession and is once again a happy Brujah. For the troubles I was offered tutilage in the physical powers of Clan Brujah, at my choice of which. I suppose alls well that ends well.

Tid bits of gossip.

Dissension between Toreadors earlier this evening in front of the 'wreck was of some note, apparently Richard committed suicide in evasion of punishment for some unknown crime that I was not aware of, Eva Jentre and Shirvat, as well as Mel was involved. Miss Jentre seemed less than amused by the situation and heated words were exchanged. Perhaps something to watch.

Also some trouble between a man I did not recognize and Romario Giovanni, Don of the Giovanni was exchanged, some sort of test of wills and wits commenced as they commented on cousins and the man I did not know's position of being seperate from them. More curiousity to watch from another clan.